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The Best Movies to See This Weekend

43 Movies Worth Watching for Jan 23-26, from The Color Out of Space to Fantastic Planet

Check Out These Hygge Restaurants and Bars This Winter

30 Seattle Spots with Cozy Charm

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This Pot Is Bananas

Can banana cannabis save you from another depressing winter?

Four Seattle Musicians Who Use Pot to Get Creative

"It's the best thing on the planet."

Eating My Way Around the International District

I look for any reason to eat in this neighborhood—or even just stare at food through windows.

A Snow Sport That Hurts So Good

Cross-country skiing while high is almost as fun as downhill skiing—and there's a much smaller chance of breaking your neck.

Art and Performance Winter 2019 »

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Korean Genius

E.J. Koh's memoir The Magical Language of Others is a moving meditation on inherited trauma.

The Bachelor, Unedited

I can't wait to see the live stage version of the reality TV shitshow.

Black American Rideshare

August Wilson's Jitney reveals working-class blacks discovered the Uber economy.

I Heard God in a Grain of Sound

A few thoughts about the minimalist-music deity Terry Riley.

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Like Anthony Bourdain... but Stoned

In his web series, rapper Jarv Dee smokes weed, eats with local musicians, and explores Central and South Seattle restaurants.

Pot and Pregnancy: What Do We Know?

The science is very limited.

The End of Pain

I finally found what works best for my gout: CBD cream.

Five Pot Farms You Should Know About

These small farms are growing really good stuff.