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The Seattle Man Who Is Memorizing an Unreadable Novel

Neal Kosaly-Meyer continues his project to recite all of Finnegans Wake off the top of his head.

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The Best Things To Do This Week

Our Arts & Culture Picks for Dec 9-15, from Trevor Noah to Cucchella

Where to Watch This Year's Golden Globe Nominees in Theaters

arasite, Little Women, Bombshell, and Other Nominated Films Still in Theaters

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Lid I-5 or Get Rid of I-5?

A look at two plans that would totally change the city.

Move to Bremerton

The working-class town across Puget Sound is attracting Seattleites priced out of the city. Like me.

Free Food Worthy of the Gods

After eating a vegetarian burrito given to me by a Hare Krishna on the Ave, I ventured out to Sammamish for a Love Feast.

Making Greens and Corn Bread at Home

Food that makes me feel close to my family.

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Chicken, Peri-Peri Sauce, Flame-Charred Flesh, and the Juices in That Flesh

Get a taste of the Portuguese empire at Galos Flame Grilled Chicken in Ballard.

Conveyor Belt Hot Pot

Blazing Bowl is burning up the food court at Crossroads Mall.

A Seafood Cookbook for Dummies and Geniuses

The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook features foolproof recipes as well as more challenging ones.

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Washington State May Finally Legalize Growing Pot at Home

Could 2020 be the year this happens?

Making Pot Butter Without the Smell

In preparation for the second-biggest weed holiday after 4/20, I tried out an MB2e MagicalButter Machine.

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The Top 10 Pioneer Square Art Shows to Check Out in December 2019

Native Artistry, Scientific Illustration, Oregonians at Play, and Other Critics' Picks

Art and Performance Winter 2019 »

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Korean Genius

E.J. Koh's memoir The Magical Language of Others is a moving meditation on inherited trauma.

The Bachelor, Unedited

I can't wait to see the live stage version of the reality TV shitshow.

Black American Rideshare

August Wilson's Jitney reveals working-class blacks discovered the Uber economy.

I Heard God in a Grain of Sound

A few thoughts about the minimalist-music deity Terry Riley.

Green Guide Fall 2019/Winter 2020 »

Like Anthony Bourdain... but Stoned

In his web series, rapper Jarv Dee smokes weed, eats with local musicians, and explores Central and South Seattle restaurants.

Pot and Pregnancy: What Do We Know?

The science is very limited.

The End of Pain

I finally found what works best for my gout: CBD cream.

Five Pot Farms You Should Know About

These small farms are growing really good stuff.