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Last-Minute Plans: 101 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: Feb 16-18, 2018

12 Minutes Max, Tavi Gevinson, Acapulco Lips, and More $10-And-Under Events

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Last-Minute Plans: 101 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: Feb 16-18, 2018

12 Minutes Max, Tavi Gevinson, Acapulco Lips, and More $10-And-Under Events

More New Ice Cream Shops, CBD Lattes, James Beard Award Nominations, and Other Seattle Food News You Can Use

Seattle's Most Delicious Offerings: February 16-18 Edition

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New to Town? Need an Apartment? Looking to Make Friends? The Stranger Is Here to Help

The Stranger's guide to Seattle for people who have just arrived.

What It's Like to Live in a Space the Size of a Closet

Seattle has gotten so expensive that I recently moved into one of the tiniest apartments in the city.

How Seattle City Hall Works (And How to Make It Work for You)

A primer on political power and how it works here.

Welcome to Seattle, New Person!

Here are some tips and my condolences.

Food & Drink »

The Delicious Food and Warm Family Vibe of Aviv Hummus Bar

I've never been to Israel, but I go to this hummus bar regularly.

The Romance of Chili Cheese Fries

The inexpensive, late-night, bad-for-us food my husband and I ate as we were falling in love.

The Soba at Kamonegi Is Just So Good

Chef Mutsuko Soma's buckwheat noodles and tempura are top-notch at this Wallingford restaurant.

Music »

“It’s Gotten a Lot More Scary,” Says Helium’s Guitarist and Singer Mary Timony

The musician reflects on how much the world has changed in the last 20 years.

Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther Album Is Dazzling and Afrocentric

An album that goes above and beyond the usual movie soundtrack.

Mean Jeans’ Jingles Collection Is Wonderful Junk

Mean Jeans’ Jingles Collection is full of odes to Applebee’s, Capri Sun, and more.

Weed »

Outdoor-Grown Weed Is Not Only Better for the Environment, It's Also Dank AF

Why does it get such a bad rap in Seattle's pot shops?

Valentine's Day Is a Made Up Corporate Holiday, but at Least We Have Weed Chocolates

Taste-testing chocolates sold in Seattle pot stores.

High-Brr-Nation: A Guide to Surviving Seattle's Winter with Weed

Where to go and what to do to get through another dreary Seattle winter. (First step: inhale.)

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Artist Zohra Opoku Examines Identity and Belonging Through Fabric

"When I see someone who's fully veiled, I'm always thinking about what's underneath."

Fran Lebowitz Is the Last Funny Public Intellectual

She's here to remind us that things can always get worse.

The Stranger's Guide to Seattle's Happiest Happy Hours »

The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours

There are a lot of queer bars in this town, and it can be difficult to keep track of their best deals.

The Best Upscale Happy Hours

Where to enjoy high-end appetizers, entrées, and libations for low-end prices.

Best Bars to Rendezvous with a Tinder Date

You don't want to run into your knucklehead friends, but it's gotta be good. So, where?

Best Happy Hours for Gamers

Where to find video games, board games, pinball, trivia nights, and more.

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