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142 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: April 23–28, 2019

The Top Pot Doughnut Dash, Air Sex Championships, and More Quirky & Unusual Events

The 90 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: April 22-28, 2019

The Vikings Begin, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Nina Simone: Four Women, and More Arts & Culture Critics' Picks

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The Stranger's 2019 Pet Issue, Featuring Dogs, Cats, Axolotls, and More

That's not even mentioning the parrot, the cockatoo, the horse, the fish, and the humans who love them.

Meet the Winners of The Stranger's 2019 Ugly Pet Contest

Beauty is overrated.

What It's Like to Work in an Office with 300 Dogs in It

A look inside the pet-insurance company Trupanion.

What Are Axolotls and Why Am I Suddenly Obsessed?

This Mexican salamander didn't win our Ugly Pet Contest, but he won my heart.

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A Fish-and-Chips/Taco Fun House with a Secret Bar

The delicious lunacy of Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers.

Finally, a Plant-Based Baked Potato Bar

Yes, I know, all potatoes are plant-based, but so is the "sour cream" and "bacon" at Papas Hot Potatoes.

A Coffee Shop with Spaceships Hanging from the Ceiling

Wayward Coffeehouse in Roosevelt is the nerdvana you've been looking for.

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This Is Lizzo's Year—Even Her Flute Is Going Viral

Her flute has almost 59,000 followers on Instagram.

The Marathon Workouts of Träden

Fifty years on, the Swedish rockers continue to make timeless trance music.

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Inside the Only Pot Research Farm in Washington State

What is Verda Bio up to in Sodo?

Does Topical Cannabis Even Work?

Two makers of topical products in Washington State say the proof is in their sales.

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Drinking, Weird Sex, Witches, and Owls

Simon Hanselmann's beloved and fucked-up comics come to life at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Joketellers Union Is Transformative

Deep thoughts about a comedy night on Beacon Hill.

Kara Swisher Takes No Bullshit

The journalist's long view of Big Tech is worth hearing.

Art and Performance Spring 2019 »

Cool Art, Hilarious Interruptions, and Live Drag Competitions

A few trends we've noticed in the last few months.

A Play at Seattle Rep Brings Nina Simone Back to Life

The bombing of black girls made the jazz singer a radical.

A Bold and Inspiring New Venue for Innovative Music

Seattle Symphony's new Octave 9 space will showcase a dazzling array of multidisciplinary performances.

Sierra Nelson's Bioluminescent Poetry

She also curates a spring variety show dedicated to the octopus, squid, chambered nautilus, and cuttlefish.

Green Guide Spring 2019 »

The Untold Story of Marijuana Legalization

How billionaire George Soros and a few of his friends gave us bongs full of legal weed.

The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

How Falcanna conquered the boutique cannabis market.

Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother's Life

Jim Belushi talks about his weed farm, SNL, cannabis as a spark for creativity, and his brother John.

Happy Hour Guide 2018 »

The Stranger's Happy Hour Guide 2018

A guide to where to drink and find Seattle's best bartenders.

The Best Happy Hours for Beer Geeks

With some notes on what I ordered recently and loved.

Seattle's Best Happy Hours for You and Your Dog