Savage Love

Savage Love

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: A John Waters Christmas, The Wiz, Holiday Drink Week, Leather Pics with Santa, Soccer Mommy

Picture Books

This Week’s Comics: Nontoxic Masculinity and a Robot Witch

I, Anonymous

Motorcycle Madness


Seattle Sticker Patrol: Let's Assess Our Chaos Levels

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Mudede's Book Nook

Charles Mudede Recommends Books for Everyone on Your Gift List

Seattle's Freedom Caucus

Pedersen and Nelson Have Abandoned Governance for Theater

Visual Art Yesterday 9:28 AM

Gabe Fernandez’s Idealized Visualizations

The Stranger's Artist of the Week

News Nov 29 2:16 PM

New Maps, Same Seattle Politics

New Council Districts Probably Won’t Usher in Antifa Takeover in 2023

Visual Art Nov 28 9:11 AM

Joe Rudko's Abstract Reflections

The Stranger's Artist of the Week

Music Fri 10:31 AM

Your Heart Breaks Returns to the Stage

Singer Clyde Petersen on Signing to Kill Rock Stars and Playing His First Club Show in Nearly Three Years

Music Dec 1 11:31 AM

Smashed Violins and Stage-Diving

My Five Favorite Moments from Friday's The Last Waltz Concert

News Fri 9:30 AM

Why You Should Care About Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan

You Don't Like Exorbitant Rents, Homelessness, or Sluggish Transit, Do You?

Elections 2022 Fri 1:17 PM

Seattle Progressives Have a Turnout Problem

They Don’t Show up in Odd Years

News Nov 21 3:49 PM

A “Debate about Nothing”

The Meaningless Fight about Where to House Seattle's Parking Cops Is Over ... for Now

News Dec 1 10:48 AM

King County Sucks at Tackling Organized Retail Theft

We’ve Bagged Foot Soldiers but No Kingpins

News Dec 1 1:26 PM

Council Votes to Take More Money from You but Not Amazon

Good Luck Picking Up the Working Class Vote Next Year, Everybody