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The West Seattle Store Will Also Host Weekly Pro-Abortion Events and Craft Parties

Stella Harvey holding down shop at the cute new SYA store. Stella Harvey



I'm always for a woman's right to have an abortion but this shop is sick and demented evil crap!


How did I know Our Dear Raindrop would come here to be a moral scold?

Abort early and abort often, Raindrop dear. When in doubt, cut it out. Unwanted children are a drain on society.


@2: I'll retract "evil" (sorry) - but excuse me for having the conviction that an unborn life is sacred and each abortion, while necessary, is a sad event.


But really now Mrs. Vel-DurRay, unwanted children can grow up to have happy and productive lives, or at least part of the labor force to do your nails.


Raindrop dear, don't be a sap. It's not an "unborn life". It's a clump of cells. A tumor, if you will.

And look around you - the world is full of unwanted children.


@5: They are living human beings now. Why do you continue to say they're unwanted?


Anyone who thinks a fetus is a baby should have been aborted, because their parents were too stupid to raise children.


I'd like to see a place that celebrates having all four of your wisdom teeth out at the same time. If you survive listening to four teeth being ripped out - I'd say that is craft-project worthy.


@8: That sentence doesn't make sense and needs a rewrite.


I stand by my statement, Raindrop dear.


God luv ya Catalina, but what dark dispositions you dwell in.


Why do you regard my dispositions as dark, Raindrop dear? I'll grant you that I'm not a sap, but why is that "dark"?


My nephew, Catalina, was born in Mother Teresa's orphanage in Calcutta, India in the early 1980s. He was an "unwanted child" per your description. My sister and brother-in-law, who's from India himself, adopted the baby though an international adoption agency and brought him to America and raised him in a family bursting at the seams with love. Today my nephew is a nuclear engineer raising a family of his own.

Such accounts are ubiquitous. There a millions of stories like this one. If this doesn't change your mind to stop saying "unwanted children" then you have a very dark soul and I feel sorry for you.


You want anctedotes, Raindrop? How about this one: Back in the olde days, a young doctor in my hometown impregnated his girlfriend. Neither of them wanted the child, so he performed an at-home abortion.

The girlfriend developed an infection. He was afraid to take her to the hospital (both hospitals were religious based and abortion wasn't legal in Iowa) and she died. He threw her body into the Missouri River. Unfortunately, the body was found, and the young doctor ended up committing suicide.

I don't have a "dark soul". I have a realistic worldview. As Mother Vel-DuRay always said "everybody loves babies, but a lot of people don't like kids".


@15: Yes, you don't have a dark soul. My apologies.

But our anecdotes don't negate each other and are mutually exclusive. Being for a woman's right to have an abortion doesn't require us to stop promoting adoption whenever applicable or appropriate. In case of rape/incest, promoting adoption wouldn't be appropriate.

When in doubt, don't cut it out.

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