Art and Performance Fall 2023

Our Fall Art + Performance 2023 Magazine Is Out Now!

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It is taking every iota of willpower my brain and body are physically capable of mustering to keep myself from climbing onto the fourth-story rooftop of The Stranger’s offices on Maynard Avenue South, stepping up onto the ledge, and belting out the chorus of Barry Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It” at the top of my lungs.

Because we did! We did make it. We made this issue of our fall Art + Performance magazine, yes, but we also made it through. None of us knew what to expect when The Stranger returned to the printed page back in March. The spring 2023 Art + Performance magazine was our first print issue in three years. We forgot how to use InCopy. We didn’t know if people would pick us up.

But you did! And with that support—that fervent support, I might add, as we ran out of copies so quickly that we had to print a second run—we are so fucking excited to be here now, doing it again.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without you, the reader, but we also have to credit all of the artists in Seattle who just keep doing rad shit. This issue is packed with examples. The Northwest Film Forum has kept the Local Sightings Film Festival going strong for 26 years now! In honor of the festival’s longevity, Charles Mudede takes a deeper look into its very funny opening film, Fantasy A Gets a Mattress, and Chase Hutchinson does your homework for you in recommending five more Local Sightings movies you shouldn’t miss.

Speaking of things you shouldn’t miss: Rich Smith sits down with both past and present members of Death Cab for Cutie to discuss the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Transatlanticism, a record that, one could argue, stole the Seattle sound flag from grunge’s cold and blistered hands. Sam Machkovech chats with author and former Amazon employee Kristi Coulter about her new book, Exit Interview. And we even uncovered the secret behind Cinerama’s beloved popcorn recipe!

Oh yeah, and I got to write about some things I love, too, including Friendship Dungeon, the new monthly midnight variety show produced by comedy wizards Emmett Montgomery and Derek Sheen, as well as the new art gallery Solas, Seattle’s only (?!) gallery exclusively dedicated to photography.

We made it! Me, you, us. We’re all still here. I’ll meet you on the roof.

Megan Seling
Arts Editor, The Stranger

Alex Sandvoss's “Untitled 1” (oil on wood) is part of Roq La Rue's "New 'Rue Review" group show. It's up through Saturday, September 30. Artwork by Alex Sandvoss; Cover Layout/Design by Corianton Hale