Art and Performance Spring 2023 Mar 15, 2023 at 10:00 am

The Most Comprehensive Guide to the Spring Arts Season Returns Online and in Print



Oh i'd love to hold a print copy again. Full support.


Congratulations on taking this long-awaited step! Will be sure to pick it up.


Ink!! Paper!! Fantastic!!!


Second the reverend.


let’s get physical!


Can't wait for The Stranger to die a slow and painful death. From your original endorsement of Sawant ten years ago to your recent endorsement of NTK, you have done nothing but fuck this city for your own purposes. Whatever the fuck they are. So fuck you Stranger. And this from someone who used to read you cover to cover, avidly. You fucked this city. Baby.


My puppy thanks you.


BEST NEWS Ever !!!! I have like 3 years worth of Stranger Mag covering my garage walls.. the Art on the cover I always looked forward to .the articles inside were the reason the Entire mag not just the cover are Stapled to my walls. PLEASE AND thank you. I never thought it would be coming back to print. PART OF the Seattle is Dying movement. Thank you and please hurry. And my go to pick uplavation is the Post office in Auburn. But I'm willing to travel.


@7 My puppy thanks you too. Sincerely. As do I.

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