Rich Smith

Rich Smith

Rich Smith is The Stranger's editor. He writes about politics, books, and performance. You can read his poems at

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Queer Issue 2024 Jun 5 4:00 AM

The Futures of Seattle’s Gayborhood

An Architect, an Urban Planner, a Documentarian, an Academic, and a Business Owner Imagine What Capitol Hill Will Look Like in 50 Years

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 5 4:00 AM

Dave Upthegrove Wants to Save the Trees

...And Become Washington State’s First Gay Executive While He’s at It

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News May 30 2:26 PM



Elections 2024 Apr 30 9:30 AM

Jim Mayhew’s Run for State Senate May Give Democrats What They Need to Change the State Constitution

The Road to a Constitutional Majority Runs Through a District No Democrat Has Won Since 1964

Tessa Hulls’s Feeding Ghosts Is Instant Canon Fodder

Too Bad She’ll Never Write Another Graphic Novel

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Dance Apr 17 9:00 AM

The Seasons' Canon Felt Like a Religious Experience

Even and Especially from the Cheap Seats

Elections 2024 Apr 16 3:14 PM

Dave Reichert to Pierce County Republicans: "Marriage Is Between a Man and a Woman"

Republican Frontrunner Delivered the Homophobic Statement Earlier This Year in the Context of Several Transphobic Statements

Elections 2024 Apr 9 11:24 AM

Washington State Democrats Could Win Supermajorities in 2024

Supermajorities + Democratic Governor = Power to Fix the State Constitution

Dance Mar 19 9:07 AM

If You See One Ballet This Year, Make It PNB's One Thousand Pieces

The Show Contains Probably the Most Compelling Five Minutes of Ballet I've Ever Seen

Dance Mar 15 9:52 AM

'Here Because' Made the Future of Seattle Dance Look Bright

The Showcase Featured an Incredible Diversity of Movement and Some Emerging Generational Talents

Elections 2024 Mar 12 9:01 AM

Last Day to Vote!!!!

Vote for Uncommitted Delegates by 8 PM Today

News Mar 11 9:00 AM

After Landlord Complains, Seattle Boots Downtown’s Oldest Sidewalk Newsstand

Owner of Turco’s Last Stand Vows to Keep Fighting to Save It

Olympia Feb 28 12:08 PM

Washington Passes Strippers’ Bill of Rights

The Proposal Effectively Allows Alcohol in Strip Clubs and Repeals Lewd Conduct Codes Used to Raid Gay Bars

News Feb 26 6:11 PM

Senate Democrats Stiff Renters for the Third or Fourth Time, It's Honestly Difficult to Keep Track

If Your Rent Goes Up More than 7% Soon, then Blame These Democratic Senators

Olympia Feb 22 9:00 AM

Seattle's LGBTQ Communities Demand Rent Stabilization

Sen. Jamie Pedersen Has One Job: Get This Bill Over the Finish Line