Rich Smith

Rich Smith

Rich Smith is The Stranger's editor. He writes about politics, books, and performance. You can read his poems at

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Today's Stranger Suggests: Jane Wong with Michelle Peñaloza and Jin Ai Huang

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Elections 2023 May 16 10:00 AM

Jorge Barón Is Running for King County Council

The Longtime Immigrant Rights Leader Jumps Into the Fray

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We Watched and Reviewed 35 SIFF Films!

Here's What We Loved, What We Hated, and What Was as Interesting as an Air-Dried Carrot

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Today's Stranger Suggests: The Seattle Project Presents Amanda Morgan's Chapters

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week 

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Sen. Patty Kuderer Announces Run for Insurance Commissioner

She's Talking a Big Game about Universal Health Care

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Here's What Happened in Olympia

The Stranger's Rundown of the Exhilarating and Yet Hugely Disappointing 2023 Legislative Session

News Apr 24 8:00 AM

Olympia Shatters Plan to Reboot Its War on Drugs

A Progressive Revolt and Republican Recalcitrance Tanked the Bill on the Last Day of Sesssion

Spring Music 2023 Apr 17 12:00 PM

Stop Melting the Planet

Seattle Symphony Hands Over Benaroya Hall for a Week of Climate Activism

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PNB's Boundless Delivers on Its Promise

Watch Three Ballets Push the Boundaries of Dance in Wildly Different Ways

Bananas Are Creepy Yellow Fingers Full of Blood

A New Poetry Collection Tells the Whole Story

Ballet Unbound

Pacific Northwest Ballet Pushes Itself to the Limits with Boundless