Matt Baume

Matt Baume

Matt Baume covers geek culture, queer news, and city infrastructure, and will leap at the flimsiest of excuses to write about furries. A writer, podcaster, and videomaker, he resides on Capitol Hill with far too many plants.

Recent Articles

Picture Books Dec 2 3:31 PM

This Week’s Comics: Nontoxic Masculinity and a Robot Witch

Plus: Gory Furries and Nefarious Cops!

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Film/TV Nov 29 1:38 PM

Tonight Is Your Last Chance to See Glass Onion in Theaters, and You Absolutely Should

All the Twists upon Twists Are Best Experienced on the Big Screen

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Picture Books Nov 25 10:10 AM

This Week's Comics: An Old West Murder Mystery on Mars

Plus: Chaos! Adventure! And the Occasional Smooch!

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Save Seattle Music Nov 14 1:53 PM

Posse on Broadway

The First Draft Program at 5th Avenue Theatre Seeks to Transform Musical Theater