Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg

Hannah Krieg is a staff writer at The Stranger covering everything that goes down at Seattle City Hall. Importantly, she is a Libra. She is also The Stranger's resident Gen Z writer, with an affinity for Tik Tok to match.

Recent Articles

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News Aug 2 4:39 PM

Seattle Ends Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers During a COVID-19 Surge (Again)

Very Progressive Vote from a Very Progressive Council

Elections 2022 Aug 1 2:54 PM

You Can Still Vote!

How to Register, How to Vote, Where to Vote, and Who to Vote For

Elections 2022 Aug 1 12:44 PM

The Case for Voting Socialists into Congress This Year

Progressive Challengers Address Criticism from the Establishment and Their Own Movement

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News Jul 26 4:49 PM

Seattle Turns Cops Into Abortion Protectors

Sawant Bill Prohibits Cops from Processing Arrest Warrants for Abortions

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News Jul 22 9:00 AM

Governor Inslee Created a Slush Fund for Sweeps

But We Don’t Have to Use It Like One

News Jul 15 12:29 PM

Seattle City Council Puts Ranked-Choice Voting on Ballot

Come November, We'll Vote on How We Want to Vote

News Jul 13 2:31 PM

Mayor Harrell Wants to Give Cops an Extra $30,000 to Work in Seattle

To Stop the Bleeding at SPD, Harrell Has Suggested Major Hiring Bonuses for Cops

News Jul 11 3:36 PM

Seattle City Council May Put Ranked-Choice Voting on the Ballot

After Months of Tension, Ranked-Choice and Approval Voting Could Duke it out on the Ballot