Will Casey

Will Casey

Will Casey covers cops, courts, and the many ways the legal system treats people with power and money differently than poor people. Before joining The Stranger, Will worked as a consumer debt protection attorney trying to chip away at that injustice, to depressingly little effect. Between abandoning his law practice and taking up journalism, he spent the Trump years serving as a spokesperson for local progressive political campaigns and the Washington State Democratic Party.

Recent Articles

News Aug 5 2:33 PM

Seattle's Crackdown on Low-Level Crime Targets the Poor, Mentally Ill

The City’s Quest for “Accountability” Also Reinforces Systemic Racism

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Elections 2022 Aug 3 4:39 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Matt Larkin Pulls Slightly Ahead of Reagan Dunn, Republicans in Disarray in Covington

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Elections 2022 Jul 28 10:28 AM

Centrist Democrat PAC Engages in Electoral Climate Arson

Dem and GOP PACs Join Forces to Unseat WA Lawmaker Leading on Climate

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Elections 2022 Jul 26 10:06 AM

Washington’s Hottest (and Most Expensive) State Legislative Race

Kitsap Contest Pits Democrat vs the Legislature’s Biggest Brat

Elections 2022 Jul 22 2:42 PM

WA Democrats Finally Plan to Address Racist Violence on the Campaign Trail

Security Concerns Hurt Candidate Recruitment, Black Legislators Say

News Jul 19 3:56 PM

City Council Fills Durkan-sized Loophole in Police Oversight System

New Process Adds Checks and Balances on the City’s Top Cop

Elections 2022 Jul 19 9:30 AM

Senate GOP PAC Spends $700,000 on Misleading Ads

Core Message from Republicans Called a “Blatant Lie”