Will Casey

Will Casey

Will Casey covers cops, courts, and the many ways the legal system treats people with power and money differently than poor people. Before joining The Stranger, Will worked as a consumer debt protection attorney trying to chip away at that injustice, to depressingly little effect. Between abandoning his law practice and taking up journalism, he spent the Trump years serving as a spokesperson for local progressive political campaigns and the Washington State Democratic Party.

Recent Articles

News Nov 28 1:37 PM

How the Senate Can Prevent (Some) Violent Crime

Democrats Are Running Out of Time to Pass the SAFE Banking Act

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News Nov 21 3:49 PM

A “Debate about Nothing”

The Meaningless Fight about Where to House Seattle's Parking Cops Is Over ... for Now

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News Nov 15 5:10 PM

"You're Not Gonna Bust It"

Prosecutors Allege Routine Teenage Fight Led to Ingraham Shooting

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News Nov 15 1:07 PM

Budget Crunch Forces Compromise on Seattle's Public Safety Budget

City Council, Mayor Largely Agree on Police Funding

Elections 2022 Nov 10 5:29 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Patty Murray Wins, But Races for State Legislature Still Close

Elections 2022 Nov 7 2:07 PM

You Still Have Time to Vote in King County

It’s Easy, and, Frankly, It's the Least You Can Do

Elections 2022 Nov 4 12:58 PM

The Threat to Democracy Is Alive and Well in Washington State

Look at All These Election-Deniers on the Ballot