Stranger Election Control Board

Stranger Election Control Board

The Stranger Election Control board is composed of staff writers and editors who volunteer to grill, research, fight over, and ultimately endorse candidates running for office in local, state, and federal elections. The SECB does not endorse in uncontested races, or in races we forgot. 

The current members of the SECB include Matt Baume, Will Casey, Jas Keimig, Hannah Krieg, Charles Mudede, the tide pool that Jenny Durkan dropped her phone in, and Rich Smith.

Recent Articles

Elections 2022 Nov 8 10:13 AM

The Stranger Endorses Leesa Manion

Vote Manion for King County Prosecutor

Elections 2022 Nov 7 10:10 AM

The Stranger Endorses Claudia Kauffman

Vote Kauffman for LD 47 State Senator

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Elections 2022 Nov 3 10:30 AM

The Stranger Endorses Noel Frame

Vote Frame for LD 36 State Senator

Elections 2022 Nov 2 4:20 PM

The Stranger Endorses Darya Farivar

Vote Farivar for LD 46,  Position No. 2

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Elections 2022 Nov 1 10:46 AM

The Stranger Endorses Kim Schrier

Vote Schrier for US Representative, Congressional District 8

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Elections 2022 Oct 28 2:26 PM

Vote No on Seattle Proposition Nos. 1A and 1B

But Vote Proposition 1B on the Second Question

Elections 2022 Aug 2 2:33 PM

The Stranger Endorses Joe Nguyen

Vote Nguyen for Legislative District 34, State Senator