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News Yesterday 1:18 PM

Far-Right Freaks Could Force Washington to Act Fast to Protect Abortion

Special Session of the Legislature Possibly on Horizon

News Wed 11:02 AM

Starbucks "Heritage District" Pushes Out Workers, Employees Say

Relocated Employees Speak Out After Weekend Strike

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News Tue 2:59 PM

When Will Seattle Get Police Alternatives?

Despite General Agreement, the Mayor's Office Only Offers More Seattle Process

News Mon 2:00 PM

Hold On to Your Pussy Hats

Seattle’s Reproductive Justice Movement Goes Radical

News Mon 10:32 AM

Fire Damage Shutters Glo's Indefinitely

Beloved Capitol Hill Brunch Spot Seeks Donations

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News Jun 24 11:17 AM

After SCOTUS Overturns Roe, WA Leaders Go on the Offense

Local Electeds Pledge Money for Abortion Funds, Promise New Protections

News Jun 24 9:00 AM

The Bright Side of SPD's Staffing Shortage

National Cop Shortage Could Pave Way for Alternatives

News Jun 23 2:15 PM

Seattle Might Soon Defund a Promising Police Alternative

If JustCARE Falls, We Deliver Care Falls Too

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News Jun 22 3:43 PM

A Photo-Finish for Seattle’s Social Housing Initiative

Last-Minute Paid Signature Gatherers May Have Saved HON’s Ass

News Jun 22 10:38 AM

Seattle Mayor Raises Rainbow Flag for Pride, but Not Much Else

Queer Groups Hold Out Hope That Harrell Will Do More

Elections 2022 Jun 17 9:19 AM

What’s The Difference Between Candidates in the 36th Legislative District?

Zoning! And Also One Guy Likes Cops, But Mostly ZONING!

News Jun 16 9:25 AM

In a Seeming Twist, LIHI Endorses Social Housing Initiative

As a member of the Housing Development Authority, LIHI was lumped in with the anti-PDA crowd. No longer.

News Jun 15 2:29 PM

Voters Could Change How And When We Vote This November

The New System Would Allow Voters to Support More Than One Candidate

News Jun 15 1:43 PM

Few Clues in Mystery of Burien’s Stolen Pride Flags

The Theft Bears Similarities to a 2020 Incident

News Jun 14 1:23 PM

New Bill Would Update Seattle’s Process for Investigating Police Chiefs

The City Council wants to close a Jenny Durkan-sized loophole in the police accountability system.

News Jun 14 10:56 AM

The City and County Fund Could Give Childcare Workers About $800 Each

The one-time bonuses pale in comparison to proposed bonuses for cops

News Jun 10 12:00 PM

Washington Wants to Ban Assault Weapons

52% of people polled statewide said they "strongly" supported such a ban