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News Jan 23 5:14 PM

Total Corporate Takeover of Council Now Complete

Seattle's New Conservative Council Members Appoint Their Failed Running Mate, Tanya Woo, to Fill Vacancy

News Jan 22 5:43 PM

Seattle City Council Picks from Crowd of Simps to Fill Vacancy

Loud Suckling and Lapping Sounds Heard from Council Chambers 

News Jan 19 2:52 PM

Who Can Fill Mosqueda’s Big, Progressive Shoes on City Council?

Based on Last Night’s Community Forum, All Nominees Will Fit In with the Conservative Council Just Fine

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News Jan 17 2:46 PM

Big Business Does Not Want Vivian Song on the Seattle City Council

Corporate PAC Wrangler Tells Biz Buddies to Back Woo Instead

News Jan 16 12:47 PM

The Stranger’s 2024 Bill Tracker

Are Lawmakers in Olympia Passing Laws About You Right Now? Read This List to Find Out.

News Jan 12 9:22 AM

Research Shows That Stealthing Is a Problem

“We Must Close the Loophole on Assault,” Victim Testifies in Olympia

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News Jan 11 5:38 PM

Seattle Police Chief Accused of “History of Misogyny” in New Lawsuit

Cop Claims Diaz Said Women Could Be Cheerleaders While the Men Played Flag Football 

News Jan 11 1:57 PM

More Than 70 People Apply for City Council Vacancy

Eight Failed Candidates Try for Appointment After Losing Elections

News Jan 10 9:30 AM

Democrats Could Pass Huge Wins for Workers

The State Could Support Strikes, Protect Against Anti-Union Indoctrination, and Approve the Country’s Broadest Collective Bargaining Unit for Its Own Workers

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News Jan 8 10:00 AM

Washington Bill Would Allow People to Sue for Stealthing

If You Remove a Condom or Other Sexual Barrier During Sex, You Could Have to Pay Up

News Jan 8 9:00 AM

Drugs, Hotel Workers, Waffles: What Happened to Council Member Andrew J. Lewis?

Andrew Lewis Becomes Youngest Council Member to Lose Reelection

News Jan 6 7:54 PM

Advocates for Ceasefire in Gaza Shutdown I-5 North for Five Hours

Protesters Thank Drivers for Their Patience in Highway Closure

News Jan 3 12:06 PM

New City Council Elects Former Conservative Outcast as President

It’s Sara Nelson's Seattle. We're Just Living In It.

News Dec 28 10:35 AM

The City of Seattle Destroyed the Black Lives Memorial Garden

Guess We Are All Gardening in NewHolly Now!

News Dec 22 12:00 PM

Merry Christmas! Israel Is Still Committing Genocide

While You’re Shopping, Bombs Are Dropping

News Dec 22 11:08 AM

Rally Held After Jury Acquits Tacoma Officers of Manuel Ellis’s Murder

Their Future with the Department Remains Unclear; Tacoma Police Chief Promises Disciplinary Decision Within Two Weeks