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News Nov 14 11:12 AM

Big Business to Play Nice in Seattle’s New Quest for Taxes

Though the Chamber Threw Tantrums for Years, Progressives Are Still Willing to Work With Them

News Nov 9 4:04 PM

Two Children Held in Jail in Connection with Ingraham High School Shooting

One Suspected Shooter, One Allegedly Found with the Shooter's Gun

Elections 2022 Nov 8 3:59 PM

General Election Night 2022: How Screwed Are We?

We're Covering Election Night Parties All Over Town

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Elections 2022 Nov 7 2:07 PM

You Still Have Time to Vote in King County

It’s Easy, and, Frankly, It's the Least You Can Do

News Nov 7 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Left Pressures Council to Cut Funding for Cops and Sweeps

Recent Protests at City Hall Featured Ghost Cops, Dancing, and Bloody Brooms

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Elections 2022 Nov 4 12:58 PM

The Threat to Democracy Is Alive and Well in Washington State

Look at All These Election-Deniers on the Ballot

News Nov 3 12:32 PM

SPD’s Million-Dollar Parking Space

Lawsuit Shows Seattle Police Department Poisoning Patrol Officers

Elections 2022 Nov 2 1:12 PM

Is This Anti-Murray Ad Stupid, or Is It Too Intellectual for Me?

MAGA Republicans Play 4-D Chess to Pull Independents and Undecideds in WA

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Elections 2022 Oct 31 4:50 PM

Tiffany Smiley Sounded Like an Idiot Last Night

Right-wing Fearmongering, Spineless Weaseliness, and Other Highlights from the WA Senate Town Hall

Elections 2022 Oct 28 12:37 PM

Washington State Democrats No Longer Fear a Red Wave

One King County Swing District Still a Toss-Up, Though

News Oct 27 1:13 PM

The Council’s Concern Troll Enters the Chat

Four Fights Sara Nelson Picked During Budget Deliberations

News Oct 26 12:28 PM

Eyebrow-Raising City Council Budget Items

Enforcing Workers Rights, Sorta Copying the Social Housing Initiative, and Worrying About Low-Income and LGBTQ White Kids

News Oct 25 9:30 AM

Jim Ferrell's "Unserious" Solution to Federal Way's Fentanyl Problem

Doubling Down on Criminalizing Addiction Yields Zero Results

News Oct 24 2:24 PM

Mayor Harrell Defunds Asian American Hate Crime Prevention by 50%

But That’s Okay! He’s Funding Police Bonuses and Sweeps Instead

Labor Oct 21 3:15 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Starbucks Executives Lose Faith, KUOW to Picket Monday, Two Rivers Terminal Fined $200,000

Elections 2022 Oct 21 1:19 PM

Washington’s Next Secretary of State Could Be a Republican Who Flirts with Election Conspiracies

New Poll Shows GOP Write-In Leapfrogging Nonpartisan Candidate for Second Place