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Have Fun, Stay Single

Read The Stranger’s Review of Singles from 1992

Nothing in the Star Wars Universe Is as Beautiful as Andor

Finally, a Star Wars Series for People Who Aren't Star Wars Fans

How to Tame a Wild Horse Without Breaking It

New Doc Chira Examines “Mutual Vulnerability” in Human, Animal Relationships

Film/TV Wed 3:59 PM

Smell That? It's the Sweet Smell of Seattle's New Film Commission

The City Council Passed the Milestone Legislation Yesterday

Fall Arts 2022 Wed 12:11 PM

"I'd Buy That For a Dollar"

How Paul Verhoeven's Sci-Fi Films Critique American Capitalism

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Fall Arts 2022 Tue 10:00 AM

Orcas Island Film Festival Is Our Cannes

There Are Neither Stars nor Yachts, but the Curation Is Damn Good

Film/TV Sep 16 12:50 PM

Vee Hua and Tariqa Waters Are Gonna Blow Your Mind

Seriously, Their New Films Premiering at Local Sightings Are So Good

Film/TV Sep 15 10:13 AM

Sex, Slugs, and the Supernatural

Local horror film Skagit leaves a trail of more questions than answers

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Film/TV Sep 12 2:52 PM

Queen Latifah's End of the Road Is a Horror Movie about MAGA Country

Watch This Movie to See Exactly How City People See Trump’s People

Stranger Suggests Sep 7 9:49 AM

Unstreamable Returns! In Person!?!?

The series of rare and weird cinema includes screenings of All That Jazz and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Stranger Suggests Sep 6 3:29 PM

Don't Miss Tomorrow's Episode of Reservation Dogs

Burien Rapper Travis Thompson Has a Guest Role on the Hit FX Show

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Film/TV Sep 1 9:02 AM

More Than Half of Central Cinema's Staff Have Walked Out on the Job

The Walkout Was Largely in Response to Management’s Treatment of a Trans Employee

Film/TV Aug 19 3:40 PM

If a Black Man Can Play the Great White Hunter, Then Surely He Can Play James Bond

The Lion Punch in Beast Really Tried to be The Next Snakes on the Plane

Film/TV Aug 16 3:43 PM

Seattle Wants to Look Sexier to Film Productions

Getting Our Own Commission Could Help

Stranger Suggests Aug 9 3:28 PM

Bound to Fall in Love

SIFF Is Screening the Wachowskis' Lesbian Masterpiece for Auteur August

Film/TV Aug 5 3:49 PM

Bullet Train is a Screaming Yolanda

It’s Like Listening to Someone Reciting Gilmore Girls Dialogue