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Film/TV Jul 17 9:00 AM

The Acolyte Might Be Woke, but the Force Is Not

The One Conservative Thing about the Star Wars Universe

Summer Issue 2024 Jul 16 4:00 AM

Damn the Man, Save the Empire

Seattle’s Best Video Store Needs Our Help—Here are Eight Summer Classics to Rent Right Now

Panic Jul 10 9:30 AM

Seattle Is Ripe for Volcano Noir

We Live Next to an Active Volcano. Its Ghosts Are Everywhere.

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Music Jun 21 10:30 AM

Music for Movies of the Mind

Library-Music and Soundtrack Maestro Sean Wolcott Thrives in Niche Styles

Film/TV Jun 20 4:43 PM

Donald Sutherland Died Today; He Changed My Life in Harare

Goodnight, Sutherland. I Will Always Remember You.

Film/TV Jun 10 12:41 PM

Eric Hates Beatboxing

And I Hate Eric

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Film/TV Jun 7 2:26 PM

Get Lost in TRANSlations

Seattle Film Festival Celebrates Trans Existence and Creativity This Weekend

Film/TV May 23 3:13 PM

When Glamping Goes Bad

Ryûsuke Hamaguchi's Evil Does Not Exist Is a Surprising, Spooky Ecological Parable

Film/TV May 8 12:38 PM

We Watched Dozens of SIFF Films (and You Can Too!)

Here’s What We Loved, What We Hated, and What Felt Like Watching Two Cars Drive Toward Each Other at 1 mph Waiting to Crash

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Film/TV Apr 30 1:30 PM

Northwest Film Forum Laid Off Nearly Half Its Staff

The Nonprofit Is Struggling, but Not Closing

Film/TV Apr 17 9:54 AM

SIFF Unveils Full 2024 Lineup

Here's Everything You Need to Know, From the Can't-Miss Movies to Where to Buy Tickets

Film/TV Mar 26 10:00 AM

Netflix's 3 Body Problem Turns Out to Be Porn for Conservatives 

The Political Movement that Brought You Climate Denialism Somehow Thinks the Show Owns the Libs

What the Hell Is Make Believe Seattle?

Finally, a Film Festival for Fellow Weirdos

Six Films You Need to See at Make Believe Seattle

Starring Ethical Vampires, Ridiculous Puppets, and a Dude Who Pretends to Be George Lucas for Funsies

Film/TV Mar 12 1:46 PM

Film Review: Love Lies Bleeding Is a Bold Newcomer to the Erotic Thriller Canon

Director Rose Glass’s Second Film Tells the Sleazy, Sexy Story of Two Star-Crossed Sapphic Lovers