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Summer Issue 2024 Jul 16 4:00 AM

Swimming with Nikki McClure

Sometimes, When You Interview Your Favorite Artist, You End Up Becoming a Piece of Their Art

City Apr 2 2:45 PM

Rome Is a Real City, a World City, and It Has Graffiti Everywhere

Mayor Harrell Would Absolutely Hate It

It’s Important That the Bug Undulates

How Anida Yoeu Ali Uses Wiggling Worms and Glitter as Forms of Protest

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The Power of Making People of Color Invisible

Stephanie Syjuco Empowers the Oppressed with Just a Finger

Visual Art Dec 14 4:05 PM

Belltown Has a New Gallery, with Another on the Way

Base Camp Studios and Common Area Maintenance Are Expanding

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Visual Art Oct 20 12:00 PM

Death at Your Fingertips

Studying the Three Corpses of Savage Alms in Year’s SPAM New Media Festival

Visual Art Oct 16 12:57 PM

David Shrigley’s Acerbic Assessments

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Visual Art Oct 6 4:03 PM

Seattle's Arts Community Remembers Rick Klu

You Can See His Murals All Over Town at Cafe Racer, Uncle Ike's, and the Angry Beaver

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Your Instagram Feed Sucks

Follow These Five Local Photographers and Make It Better

Roq Star

Kirsten Anderson’s Art Gallery Has Survived Collapsing Buildings, a Pandemic, and Even a Brief Exit from the Art World—How?

Visual Art Sep 19 4:10 PM

How Jeff Bezos and Amazon Haunt the Dutch Golden Age

Artist Alex Sandvoss Puts a Baby-Faced Bezos Where He Longs to Be, at the Center of a Capitalistic 17th Century

Shots Fired

Solas Is the Photo-Focused Art Gallery Seattle Has Been Missing

Suggests Sep 15 10:15 AM

Stranger Suggests: Cathy McClure and John Kiley

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Visual Art Sep 5 8:28 AM

Erin Wallace Trusts Her Instincts

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Visual Art Aug 28 9:35 AM

Raychelle Ordoñez’s Mindful Depictions

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Visual Art Aug 21 8:55 AM

Josh Powers Takes the Long Way 'Round

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week