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Housing Tue 4:00 PM

Seattle's Resistance to Density, Explained

And Why HB 1110 Won't Lower the Cost of Living in Seattle

Elections 2023 May 19 10:00 AM

Mutual Aid Organizer Tye Reed Enters City Council Race in North Seattle

Reed Says Her Ideas Aren’t New, Radical, or Even Her Own

City May 17 3:45 PM

Why Seattle's Right Hungers for a Mass Exodus from Seattle

(The Mass Exodus Is Not Actually Happening)

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Music May 16 10:40 AM

I Stopped Performing Music Because Venues Are Ableist

And They Don’t Seem to Want to Change

News May 5 9:00 AM

You Want Better City Councils? Pay Them More.

One Redmond City Council Member Makes $12 a Month, and It’s About to Get Worse

News May 2 9:32 AM

Who’s Triggered by Sawant’s Rent Control Trigger Law?

Council Conservative Hints at Support, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

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News Apr 28 9:00 AM

The Mayor Promises to Fill 20 Vacant Storefronts Downtown

The Program Funnels Hundreds of Thousands of City Dollars to Small Business Owners – and Their Landlords

City Apr 19 12:00 PM

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Skyrocketing Rents and the Modern-Day Relationship

News Apr 18 1:20 PM

Mayor's Plan to Activate Downtown Is Heavy on Short-Term Solutions

Well, We Gotta Do Something Before the MLB All Star Game Comes to Town!

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Visual Art Apr 14 5:05 PM

Cutie Fest Is More Punk Than It Sounds

Free Pro-artist Market Believes the Dream of the ’90s Is Alive in Seattle

City Apr 6 3:15 PM

Seattle Does Not Have a Culture

And No, the Seattle Freeze Doesn't Count as "Culture"

Music Mar 16 4:37 PM

I’m Sad That Seattle’s Sunless, Wet, and Cold Days Are Coming to an End

Meteorologists Say Tomorrow Will Be Sunny and 60 Degrees. How Awful.

News Mar 6 9:00 AM

Converting Offices Into Housing Isn’t About Housing

It’s About “Reactivating” Downtown, Says Chief Council Booster

Life Mar 1 4:50 PM

The Satanic and Satisfying Pleasure of Being Passive Aggressive

What Would You Do If You Saw a Stranger Drop His Dog’s Poop in Your Bin?

City Feb 23 3:34 PM

We Might Be Experiencing the Best Seattle in Years

The City Is Moving Toward a Full-Blown Revival

News Feb 14 9:00 AM

Seattle Mayor and Majority of Council Mum on Social Housing

The People Potentially Responsible for Funding the Program Don’t Want to Talk About It

News Jan 24 11:00 AM

Formerly Unhoused, Andrew Ashiofu Wants to Fight for Housing Progress on City Council

Is He a Democrat? A Socialist? "IT'S A NONPARTISAN RACE."

News Jan 24 9:00 AM

With Sawant Out, What’s Next for Seattle’s Left?

One Candidate Proposes a Slate of Seven Socialists