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News Thu 9:00 AM

The Seattle Public Library Announces 1,500 Hours of Closures in the Next Eight Weeks

Library Workers Say It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

City Apr 2 2:45 PM

Rome Is a Real City, a World City, and It Has Graffiti Everywhere

Mayor Harrell Would Absolutely Hate It

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News Mar 28 5:53 PM

Seattle City Council Requests Draft Legislation to Repeal Minimum Wage for Gig Workers

The Move Comes after the Council Consulted with Uber-Backed Lobby Group Instead of Workers

News Mar 15 3:43 PM

Seattle Floats Subsidized Housing for Cops in the Face of a Homelessness Crisis, a Huge Budget Deficit, and a Million Other Actual Problems

Other Cities Have Tried Paying for Cop Housing, and It Doesn’t Appear to Reel 'Em In 

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News Mar 11 9:00 AM

After Landlord Complains, Seattle Boots Downtown’s Oldest Sidewalk Newsstand

Owner of Turco’s Last Stand Vows to Keep Fighting to Save It

News Mar 7 9:00 AM

Who Needs the City Council?

Ballot Initiative Success in Western Washington Shows Path Forward for Seattle Progressives

News Mar 5 6:00 AM

The One Seattle Comprehensive Plan Is Here

Oh Great, Half the Housing We Need

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City Feb 15 2:45 PM

Seattle's City Council Is Now Run by Children

And Now I Must Tell the Children a Story About a Boy and a Cow

News Jan 30 4:08 PM

Council President Sara Nelson Opposes Effort to Increase Voter Turnout

“Greater Turnout Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Better-Informed Public,” She Said 

News Jan 19 2:52 PM

Who Can Fill Mosqueda’s Big, Progressive Shoes on City Council?

Based on Last Night’s Community Forum, All Nominees Will Fit In with the Conservative Council Just Fine

News Jan 8 9:00 AM

Drugs, Hotel Workers, Waffles: What Happened to Council Member Andrew J. Lewis?

Andrew Lewis Becomes Youngest Council Member to Lose Reelection

Economy Jan 4 11:15 AM

Seattle Should Be Proud That It Has the Country's Highest Minimum Wage

But It’s Still Not Enough for Most People to Make Ends Meet

News Jan 3 12:06 PM

New City Council Elects Former Conservative Outcast as President

It’s Sara Nelson's Seattle. We're Just Living In It.