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Summer Issue 2024 Jul 17 2:26 PM

Flying the Freak Flag

Seattle’s Genre-Bending Beautiful Freaks Will Fight (and Bleed) for You

Books Jul 16 4:47 PM

Into the Soil

How Author Noé Álvarez Uses Music and Memoir to Confront Death in His New Book Accordion Eulogies

Summer Issue 2024 Jul 16 4:00 AM

Damn the Man, Save the Empire

Seattle’s Best Video Store Needs Our Help—Here are Eight Summer Classics to Rent Right Now

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Summer Issue 2024 Jul 16 4:00 AM

Swimming with Nikki McClure

Sometimes, When You Interview Your Favorite Artist, You End Up Becoming a Piece of Their Art

Summer Issue 2024 Jul 16 4:00 AM

Octavia Butler Saw Our Doom

Parable of the Sower Is the Opposite of a Light Summer Read,but You Need to Read it This Summer Anyway

Music Jul 15 2:20 PM

Sharks, Bubbles, Saxophones, and Carly Rae Jepsen

Here's Everything We Loved at Day In Day Out Festival This Weekend

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Opera Jun 27 12:05 PM

Fandom of the Opera

See Drag Queen Anita Spritzer Perform in One of Seattle’s Gayest Non-Gay Institutions Thursday

Bumbershoot Jun 27 8:05 AM

We Want to Give You Free Bumbershoot Tickets

All You Have to Do to Is Have Some Fun in Seattle!

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Queer Issue 2024 Jun 12 3:04 PM

Out of This World

Forming the SassyBlack Universe

Film/TV Jun 7 2:26 PM

Get Lost in TRANSlations

Seattle Film Festival Celebrates Trans Existence and Creativity This Weekend

Music Jun 7 11:52 AM

J.R.C.G.'s Angsty Funk Anthem and Louis Cole's Celestial Symphonic Jazz

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 6 1:05 PM

Can Seattle Drag Afford to Stay Weird?

Rising Costs, and Fewer Beginner-Friendly Venues, Are Sanitizing Seattle’s Drag Scene

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 5 4:00 AM

The Books of Love

Charlie’s Queer Books Is a Welcoming Space for Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Lit Nerds

How to Seattle 2024 Jun 3 10:55 AM

How to Seattle: Music & Nightlife

From Punk Shows at Roller Rinks to Trivia Nights Hosted By Jeopardy! Champs

How to Seattle 2024 May 24 11:45 AM

How to Seattle: Arts & Culture

Only in Seattle Can You Scream in a Museum and Dance to Robyn at Church

Music May 24 9:00 AM

Instrumental Health

Midpak Bring Precocious Skills and Charisma to Seattle's Funk Scene