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Tech Apr 19 9:30 AM

Why Amazon's Just Walk Out Technology Failed

A Change of Mind Has a High Price in Surveillance Shopping Models

Tech Feb 9 10:45 AM

What If AI Becomes Less Racist than American Society?

It's Already Starting to Happen

Tech Dec 21 10:09 AM

AI Is Not an "Other," AI Is Us

Watch Part Two of Charles Mudede's Interview with Blaise Agüera y Arcas

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Books Dec 18 9:42 AM

Do Not Fear AI, Says Seattle-Based AI Expert and Philosopher Blaise Agüera y Arcas

In His New Book Who Are We Now? He Argues That AI Is Not Understood If Humans Are Not Understood

Food & Drink Jun 19 1:33 PM

“What the Heck Is a Salmonberry?”

Talking to Stardew Valley Creator Eric Barone About the Pacific Northwest Foods Inspiring In-Game Cooking

Geek Mar 27 3:17 PM

A Cartoon Colon Pathway to Seattle’s Future

Seattle’s Weirdest Arcade Game Is a Butt-Shaped Iceberg of a Larger Tech-Arts Movement

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Tech Nov 12 11:25 AM

I Went Looking for the Metaverse and Wound up Punching Myself in the Face

Seattle developer BigBox VR wants to let you fly. Is this the metaverse?

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Arts Oct 12 1:00 PM

Twitter Shuts Down Sexy Gay Art Project

RIP Lurid Digs, again.

News Mar 25 3:24 PM

Amazon Just Cut Off Warehouse Workers from a Companywide Directory

Without access to the directory, workers are siloed from the rest of the company.