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News Aug 31 9:00 AM

Mayor Harrell Delays Climate Action He Already Weakened

What Will It Be, Harrell? Your Donors’ Profits or the Health of the One World We Have?

Enviro Jun 22 3:17 PM

Washington State Should Be Proud That It Has the Most Expensive Gas in the US

In Fact, It Should Cost Even More than It Already Does

News May 15 9:00 AM

What’s That Smell?

King County’s Landfill May Be Leaking Too Much Gas

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Enviro Jan 30 9:00 AM

The Duwamish River Restoration Efforts Are Really Coming Along

Eagles! Cormorants! Fish! And New Parks!

Film/TV Nov 7 4:39 PM

Welcome to the Age of Permanent Pessimism

We Should Not Be Surprised by the Current and Dismal State of Affairs

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Economy Aug 17 3:37 PM

Seattle Has Lost the Battle Against Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps are the Solution to Our Hotter and Hotter Summers

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News Dec 27 4:20 PM

How Do You Spell Snomicronageddon? (Snowmicronageddon? Snow-omicronageddon?)

Whatever. It’s fucking cold in Seattle right now.