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Books Jul 3 12:35 PM

Octavia Butler Didn't Predict the Domination of the Supreme Court

But the Brilliant Black Sci-Fi Author Did Accurately Predict the Rise of Donald Trump and MAGA    

Enviro Apr 22 9:30 AM

Younger People Are Planning Their Own Composting Funerals in Washington

The Green Burial Movement Continues to Grow

Enviro Apr 3 12:48 PM

Warmer Autumns and Winters Could Cause Bee Colony Collapse

Cold Storage Could Be(e) the Solution

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Enviro Jan 17 4:16 PM

All the Pipes Bursting in the Cold Show Seattle Is Nowhere Near Ready for the Future

Flooded Homes, Businesses Is What 300 Years of Unchecked Economic Growth Looks Like

News Aug 31 9:00 AM

Mayor Harrell Delays Climate Action He Already Weakened

What Will It Be, Harrell? Your Donors’ Profits or the Health of the One World We Have?

Enviro Jun 22 3:17 PM

Washington State Should Be Proud That It Has the Most Expensive Gas in the US

In Fact, It Should Cost Even More than It Already Does

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News May 15 9:00 AM

What’s That Smell?

King County’s Landfill May Be Leaking Too Much Gas

Enviro Jan 30 9:00 AM

The Duwamish River Restoration Efforts Are Really Coming Along

Eagles! Cormorants! Fish! And New Parks!

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Film/TV Nov 7 4:39 PM

Welcome to the Age of Permanent Pessimism

We Should Not Be Surprised by the Current and Dismal State of Affairs

Economy Aug 17 3:37 PM

Seattle Has Lost the Battle Against Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps are the Solution to Our Hotter and Hotter Summers

News Dec 27 4:20 PM

How Do You Spell Snomicronageddon? (Snowmicronageddon? Snow-omicronageddon?)

Whatever. It’s fucking cold in Seattle right now.