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Dance Feb 5 9:30 AM

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Swan Lake Lives Up to the Hype

Leta Biasucci Soared as the Swan Queen on Opening Night

Dance Nov 7 9:50 AM

Through a Window, Darkly

Dani Rowe's The Window Stands Out at Showcase of Recent Works from Pacific Northwest Ballet

Dance Oct 13 3:00 PM

Feel Like a Kid Again at That's A HANDFUL

Alyza DelPan-Monely's New Show Is Cute and Cuddly and Sweet

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Dance Sep 25 10:47 AM

Fun, Hot, and Foppish

Go See Petite Mort at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Twinkle in the Cosmos

Nia-Amina Minor and David Rue’s To Gather Charts a Constellation of Collaborative Dance and Art

Dance Jun 6 9:15 AM

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Worlds to Come Is One Hell of a Birthday Bash

Complete with Stunning Duets, Pretty Laundry, and a Cure for Your Succession Hangover

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Dance May 5 12:00 PM

Today's Stranger Suggests: The Seattle Project Presents Amanda Morgan's Chapters

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week 

Dance Apr 7 10:34 AM

Let It All Twerk Out

Tricia Diamond Is Helping Seattle Find Joy in Movement, One Twerkshop at a Time

Dance Mar 22 2:36 PM

PNB's Boundless Delivers on Its Promise

Watch Three Ballets Push the Boundaries of Dance in Wildly Different Ways

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Dance Feb 8 10:30 AM

A Dance for the Dommes

Watch Ghosts Dance Men to Death in Pacific Northwest Ballet's Giselle

Dance Nov 8 12:11 PM

The Seasons' Canon Took My Head Off

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Latest Show Is One of the Best I've Seen

Dance Sep 27 2:08 PM

Pacific Northwest Ballet Celebrates 50 Years with a Stunning Opener

The Company Didn't Look a Day Over 25

Dance Mar 30 9:30 AM

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Plot Points Was Fun As Hell

This invigorating production traded ballet's stuffy sartorial and musical choices for street clothes and Dan Deacon.

Food & Drink Feb 10 9:30 AM

Stepping to the Beat of Salsa Con Todo

Nestled in a city known for its "freeze," everyone at this dance studio + cafe combo in Fremont speaks about an atmosphere of openness.

Music Sep 15 3:30 PM

Here's What You Should Do Around Seattle This Weekend

Take your ass to these art events.