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News Nov 7 11:31 AM

Protester Accuses Former KOMO Reporter Jonathan Choe of Assault

After the Protester Filed for an Order of Protection, Choe Posted Their Workplace Online

Crime Aug 2 10:30 AM

Seattle Should Pay People Not to Shoplift

It’d Likely Be Cheaper and More Effective Than What We’re Doing Now

News Aug 1 12:01 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell Shares His New Pitch for the War on Drugs

Seattle City Council to Once Again Consider a Public Drug Use Ordinance

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Crime Jul 21 9:00 AM

Seattle Can’t Fix Broken Windows with More Cops

But a More Robust Storefront Repair Fund Could Help

News Jul 7 6:17 PM

King County Jail to Welcome All-Star Event Attendees

SPD Increases Patrols, Gets Jail Restrictions Lifted, Uses SVU Detectives to Sweep Homeless ahead of MLB All-Star Game

News Jun 30 5:40 PM

Man Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for CHOP Killing

Marcel Long’s Sentence Means He Could Be in Prison Until He’s 34

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News Jun 23 9:00 AM

Knot Not a Noose, Seattle Fire Department Says

Investigation into Possible Noose at Seattle Fire Station Finds No Culprit

Crime Jun 20 10:46 AM

The Killing of the Pregnant Woman in Belltown Is Unacceptable

The Left Wants to Stop It From Happening Again; the Right Wants to Scare You into Failed Policies

News Jun 13 12:29 PM

Mayor Harrell Promises a ‘War on Health,’ Not a ‘War on Drugs’

He Plans to Have Other People Make a Plan to Create a Drug Possession and Public Use Policy for Seattle

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News Jun 6 5:58 PM

In a Surprising Turn, Seattle City Council Votes Against War on Drugs... for Now

Proposed Law Offered No Plans for Treatment or Diversion, It Just Empowered the Republican City Attorney

News Jun 5 9:00 AM

Washington's Backlogged Crime Lab Braces for Influx of Low-Level Drug Cases from Seattle

Proposed Laws Will Steal Focus from Major Crimes to Jail Small-Time Users

Politics Mar 30 6:00 PM

Happy Trump Indictment Day

It's Been Pretty Funny

Crime Jan 6 3:17 PM

The Story SPD's Retail Theft Operation Told: Shoplifters Are Poor

Stolen Items Mostly Included Food and Toilet Paper

Food & Drink Dec 2 4:08 PM

Lost Cat

Vito's Is on the Hunt for Stolen Cougar Taxidermy

News Dec 1 10:48 AM

King County Sucks at Tackling Organized Retail Theft

We’ve Bagged Foot Soldiers but No Kingpins

News Nov 9 4:04 PM

Two Children Held in Jail in Connection with Ingraham High School Shooting

One Suspected Shooter, One Allegedly Found with the Shooter's Gun

News Jul 7 12:47 PM

City Attorney’s Focus on “High Utilizers” Helps No One

One Case Reveals a Solution in Search of a Problem

News May 27 3:28 PM

New Hope for People with a Criminal Record in Washington

Check out this site to see if you're eligible