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Housing May 23 4:00 PM

Seattle's Resistance to Density, Explained

And Why HB 1110 Won't Lower the Cost of Living in Seattle

News May 16 2:38 PM

Why Did Marc Dones Resign?

Sources Say It’s Been a Long Time Coming

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News Apr 6 2:14 PM

Seattle Needs 112,000 New Units of Housing. Here’s How We Can Get 3,000

Don’t Let the “Sticker Shock” Get to Ya!

News Mar 21 12:13 PM

The Parents Don’t Want Shelter. They Want Sweeps.

Pressure Mounts to Shelter 14 Unhoused People under the Ship Canal Bridge before April

News Mar 6 9:00 AM

Converting Offices Into Housing Isn’t About Housing

It’s About “Reactivating” Downtown, Says Chief Council Booster

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News Feb 14 9:00 AM

Seattle Mayor and Majority of Council Mum on Social Housing

The People Potentially Responsible for Funding the Program Don’t Want to Talk About It

State of the State 2023 Jan 12 12:24 PM

Ambitious Housing Reform Has a Real Shot This Year

Years Into a Housing Crisis, the State Might Let Us Build More Places to Live This Year!

News Jan 6 12:52 PM

Seattle’s Winter Eviction Protection Needs a Fix

Though Lawyers Hardly Use the Defense, It’s Still Key in Extreme Circumstances

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News Nov 17 10:54 AM

Seattle’s Unhoused Feel Unheard in the City’s Budget Process

They Demand Safe Lots and an End to Sweeps, but They Don’t Think They’ll Get It

News Nov 7 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Left Pressures Council to Cut Funding for Cops and Sweeps

Recent Protests at City Hall Featured Ghost Cops, Dancing, and Bloody Brooms

News Oct 6 12:09 PM

Strauss Now Determined to Make Design Review Reforms Permanent

The Reforms Streamlined Seattle’s Ridiculously Long Housing Construction Process

News Sep 15 4:52 PM

Chinatown Protests “Homelessness Megaplex”

The Shelter Expansion Will Alleviate Visible Homelessness, County Says

News Sep 14 10:04 AM

Seattle Warms Up to Democratically Run Homeless Shelters

After Years of Struggle, Agencies and Nonprofits Give Up the Fight Against Self-Management

News Aug 26 9:00 AM

Aurora Ave Sweep Slowed but Not Stopped

After a Fight, Seattle Gives Campers More Time to Move, More Shelter Referrals

News Aug 22 11:26 AM

What Will They Do with His Garden?

Imminent Sweep Destabilizes Found Family at Aurora Encampment