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Guest Rant Jan 27 9:30 AM

Seattle Needs Money

We Should Pass These Progressive Taxes Tomorrow

Guest Rant Jan 19 10:00 AM

Why I’m Not Running Again for City Council

I'm Launching a National Movement Called Workers Strike Back

Guest Rant Jan 19 9:00 AM

You Pay Your Taxes. Billionaires Don’t.

It’s Time to Change That with a Wealth Tax

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Guest Rant Dec 12 9:30 AM

Seattle Is Ignoring Major Support for Social Housing

A Key Agency Didn’t Mention the Policy in Its Latest Report

Guest Rant Dec 5 3:23 PM

Seattle's Freedom Caucus

Pedersen and Nelson Have Abandoned Governance for Theater

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Guest Rant Nov 21 9:00 AM

Removing Vacant Police Positions in Seattle’s Budget Is Good Fiscal Stewardship

Don’t Buy into Fearmongering from Council Conservatives

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Guest Rant Nov 9 9:09 AM

$19 Is the New $15: Lessons from Tukwila’s Minimum Wage

Now’s the Time to Raise the Wage Floor Across King County

Guest Rant Nov 4 11:37 AM

The Seattle Times Picked the Wrong Prosecutor

And, Yes, We Are Offended by Their Possible Dog Whistle

Guest Rant Oct 26 2:09 PM

Leesa Manion Offers the Truest Version of Public Safety

She'll Do Justice, Not Just Win Cases

Guest Rant Oct 10 10:25 AM

Washington Needs to Tax Empty Homes

And Its Cities Should, Too