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When Will Seattle Get Police Alternatives?

Despite General Agreement, the Mayor's Office Only Offers More Seattle Process

The Bright Side of SPD's Staffing Shortage

National Cop Shortage Could Pave Way for Alternatives

Seattle Might Soon Defund a Promising Police Alternative

If JustCARE Falls, We Deliver Care Falls Too

Cops Jun 16 3:45 PM

WA Cities Shouldn't Have to Buy Off Bad Cops

A $1.5M settlement for a Nazi-sympathizing officer in Kent has revived advocates' hopes for a legislative fix

News Jun 14 1:23 PM

New Bill Would Update Seattle’s Process for Investigating Police Chiefs

The City Council wants to close a Jenny Durkan-sized loophole in the police accountability system.

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Cops Jun 8 9:55 AM

Blaming SPD for Failing Rape Victims Isn’t “Media Malpractice”

The Right Wants to Keep Having the Dumbest Possible Conversation About Public Safety

News May 26 10:30 AM

I Want to Live in a Society That Doesn’t Need Community Court

The program aims to break the cycle of poverty, but should that really be the legal system's job?

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News Apr 15 11:18 AM

Progressive Lane Wide Open in King County Prosecutor Race

With Stephan Thomas dropping out, the remaining candidates express varying levels of comfort when it comes to cozying up with the cops.