Elections 2023

Seattle has local elections coming up this year, and there's a LOT on the menu.

Social housing is on the ballot in February, behavioral health is on the ballot in April, the housing levy is on the ballot this fall, and more than half the city council is up for grabs in August in November. 

As always, The Stranger is here to keep you in the know. Buckle up and dig in. 

Elections 2023 Thu 8:00 AM

Matthew Mitnick’s Campaign Meltdown

Can We Have a Normal Socialist Campaign, Please?

Elections 2023 Mar 2 8:00 AM

Social Equity Consultant ChrisTiana Obeysumner Wants Your Vote, District 5

They Want to Bring a Black, Queer, Nonbinary, Neurodivergent, Multi-disabled Perspective to the City Council

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Elections 2023 Feb 22 1:03 PM

Ballard Dan Wants to Keep His Job on Council

A Third and Final Incumbent Decides to Defend

Elections 2023 Feb 22 1:00 PM

Do You Like Cocaine?

Then Alex Cooley Is Your Candidate for City Council

Elections 2023 Feb 21 10:00 AM

Becka Johnson Poppe Is Running for County Council

And She Knows Budgets, God Dammit

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Elections 2023 Feb 16 9:30 AM

Prosecutor Efrain Hudnell Jumps into District 3 Council Race

The Former Federalist Society Member Is Now Abolition-Curious

News Feb 14 8:14 PM

Social Housing Is Winning

Initial Results Show the Initiative With a Six-Point Lead

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News Feb 14 9:00 AM

Seattle Mayor and Majority of Council Mum on Social Housing

The People Potentially Responsible for Funding the Program Don’t Want to Talk About It

Elections 2023 Feb 14 8:00 AM

Tech Lawyer Rob Saka Announces Bid for Seattle City Council District 1

He’s Got Ideas, But He Doesn’t Know How to Fund Them

Elections 2023 Feb 13 9:00 AM

Seattle's Social Housing Initiative Needs Renters to Vote

Two Problems: Renters Are Hard to Reach and Less Likley to Vote

Elections 2023 Feb 10 10:00 AM

Ryan Krumbholz Announces Run for City Council District 7

He Says He’s Challenging “from the Left,” but His Proposals Say Otherwise

Elections 2023 Feb 3 9:00 AM

The YIMBY vs PHIMBY Battle in Seattle

Progressive Housing Divide Cracks Open a Little in City Council Race

Elections 2023 Feb 2 9:30 AM

Teresa Mosqueda Announces King County Council Campaign

And She's Coming In Swinging With Nearly 90 Endorsements

Elections 2023 Jan 31 7:30 AM

Urbanist Ron Davis Announces Campaign for City Council

Roosevelt Resident Wants to Fight for Density and Progressive Revenue in City Hall

News Jan 27 8:00 AM

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld Is Running for King County Council

She Hopes to Replace Outgoing Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in District 4

Elections 2023 Jan 26 9:00 AM

Vote Yes on Initiative 135

Is It Perfect? No! Is It Worth a Shot? Fuck Yeah!