Elections 2023

Seattle has local elections coming up this year, and there's a LOT on the menu.

Social housing is on the ballot in February, behavioral health is on the ballot in April, the housing levy is on the ballot this fall, and more than half the city council is up for grabs in August in November. 

As always, The Stranger is here to keep you in the know. Buckle up and dig in. 

General Election Endorsements

Your landlord votes, and so should you.

Primary Election Endorsements

You've been waiting your whole life, and now they're finally here.

More in Elections 2023

News Jan 11 1:57 PM

More Than 70 People Apply for City Council Vacancy

Eight Failed Candidates Try for Appointment After Losing Elections

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Elections 2023 Nov 30 12:26 PM

It Costs $20 per Vote to Win a Seattle City Council Seat

With the Exception of One Race, Money Reigned Supreme in 2023

Elections 2023 Nov 14 4:28 PM

USPS Fails to Deliver 85 Ballots from Seattle Mail Box

In Latest Ballot Drop, Davis Gains a Bit of Ground, and We All Have Another Reason to Check Our Ballot Status

Elections 2023 Nov 13 4:46 PM

Ballot Drop Update

The End Is Nigh for Council Progressives, but You Should Make Sure Your Vote Counted

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Elections 2023 Nov 9 4:31 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Dan Strauss Leapfrogs Pete Manning, but That's Pretty Much It

News Nov 9 9:00 AM

Who Will Replace Teresa Mosqueda?

The Left Should Fight for the (Probable) Vacant Seat on City Council

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Elections 2023 Nov 8 4:58 PM

Ballot Drop Update

Mosqueda Takes the Lead

News Nov 8 2:09 PM

King County Elections Evacuates after White Powder Found in Mail

Similar Story at Pierce County and Spokane County Election Departments

Elections 2023 Nov 7 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Proposition No. 1

Vote YES on the Property Tax Levy Renewal for Affordable Housing

Elections 2023 Nov 7 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Evan Briggs

Vote Briggs for Seattle School District No. 1 Director, District No. 3

Elections 2023 Nov 7 9:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Liza Rankin

Vote Rankin for Seattle School District No. 1, Director District No. 1

Elections 2023 Nov 6 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Andrew Lewis

Vote Lewis for Council District No. 7

Elections 2023 Nov 6 1:20 PM

Time to Vote, Seattle!

Put Your Ballot In a Drop Box by TOMORROW at 8 pm 

Elections 2023 Nov 6 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Vote ObeySumner for Council District No. 5

Elections 2023 Nov 6 10:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Ron Davis

Vote Davis for Council District No. 4