Elections 2023

Seattle has local elections coming up this year, and there's a LOT on the menu.

Social housing is on the ballot in February, behavioral health is on the ballot in April, the housing levy is on the ballot this fall, and more than half the city council is up for grabs in August in November. 

As always, The Stranger is here to keep you in the know. Buckle up and dig in. 

Primary Election Endorsements

You've been waiting your whole life, and now they're finally here.

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Seattle Considers Staggering Elections

The Proposal Will Likely Die Thanks to the Very Issue It Seeks to Combat

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How Local Political Consultants Make Their Money

The Money’s in the Mailers, but the Victory Might Not Be

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Rebecca Saldaña Jumps into Weirdly Crowded Race for Lands Commissioner

The Winner Gets to Be Washington's Very Own Landlord

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Joy Hollingsworth Tried to Stop New Apartment Construction on Madison in 2017

She’d Rather Have a View of Bellevue Than Housing In Her Backyard

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Tacoma Is the Revolution

Move Over, Seattle! There’s a New Socialist Capital of Washington.

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How Will Conservatives Smear City Council Candidates This Election?

Haven’t You Heard? Alex Hudson Is a “Council Extremist”

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Elections 2023 Aug 1 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Dan Strauss

Vote Strauss for Council District No. 6

Stranger Suggests Aug 1 11:00 AM

Today's Stranger Suggests: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Elections 2023 Aug 1 10:00 AM

The Stranger Endorses Gina Topp

Vote Topp for Seattle School District No. 1, Director District No. 6

Elections 2023 Jul 31 3:30 PM

The Stranger Endorses ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Vote ObeySumner for Council District No. 5

Elections 2023 Jul 31 2:03 PM

There’s Still Time to Vote

Begging Cool, Young Hot People to Vote Before Tuesday Night