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Seattle's unique position in the world, both geographically and politically, creates fertile ground for subcultures of all kinds to take root and flourish.

In this column, writer Nathalie Graham immerses herself in those scenes, exploring their insights and contributions to life in a city we all call home. 

Do you participate in a group or subculture that you think more people should know about? Then write to Nathalie at and invite her on your next outing. Or inning. Or wherever-ing. 

Play Date Jul 12 9:30 AM

Meddling in the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism

Anyone Is Welcome, So Long as They Keep It Pre-17th Century

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 10 11:11 AM

Getting High with Seattle Cheer

A Very Queer Play Date

Play Date May 6 1:00 PM

Joining the Hive with the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association

I Dove into the Beekeeping World While I Was Untangling Myself from My Own Hive

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Play Date Apr 4 12:27 PM

Dropping Stitches at Knit Night

This Seattle Circle Has Been Helping Each Other Untangle Knots for Years

Play Date Mar 7 11:38 AM

Sliding Down Poles at Savor Studio

At Savor, I Tapped Into a Part of Myself I Didn’t Even Notice I’d Been Missing: My Eroticism.

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Play Date Aug 31 10:48 AM

Losing My Bearings with Cascade Orienteering Club

I'm Bad with Maps, but I Love a Treasure Hunt

Play Date Jun 22 10:36 AM

Making Music with the Reign City Riot

Returning to My Sax with a Big Gay Family at the Pride Match

Play Date May 18 8:00 AM

Play Date: Striking Out with Strangers on the Leftovers Softball Team

This Team Full of Enthusiastic Strangers-Turned-Friends Drives a Stake Through the Heart of the Seattle Freeze

Play Date May 4 10:39 AM

Swimming in Circles with Seattle's Underwater Hockey Team

Seattle's Longest-Running Hockey Team Is Actually the Seattle Seahammers, not the Seattle Kraken

Play Date Apr 20 10:59 AM

Finding Humanity Alongside Druids, Demons, Tabaxi, and War Veterans

A University of Washington D&D Campaign Helps Former Soldiers Return to Civilian Life