Elections 2024

Buckle up, everybody. This year, everybody and their mother (and their cousin, and their cousin's legislative aide) are running for something. 

At the federal level, we'll need to try to avoid a tyrannical trifecta. And here in Washington, Governor Inslee's decision to retire kicked off a great shakeup in state politics. 

Though the task is daunting, The Stranger's crack news team is here to keep you up to date and full to the brim with tea. Keep your eyes glued. 

Key Dates
Presidential Primary: March 12 
Primary Election: August 6
General Election: November 5

Elections 2024 Apr 9 11:24 AM

Washington State Democrats Could Win Supermajorities in 2024

Supermajorities + Democratic Governor = Power to Fix the State Constitution

Elections 2024 Mar 27 10:00 AM

Josh Binda Launches Progressive Challenge to Rep. Rick Larsen

With a Crowded Left Lane, the Incumbent May Face an Easy Battle Against a Freedom Caucus Wannabe

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Elections 2024 Mar 25 8:00 AM

Alexis Mercedes Rinck Launches Progressive Challenge to Tanya Woo

She’s a Renter, a Transit Rider, a Policy Wonk, and a Nose Ring-Haver

Elections 2024 Mar 18 2:08 PM

Make Sure Your Vote Got Counted

Washington’s "Uncommitted Delegates" Vote Hangs in the Balance

Elections 2024 Mar 15 9:00 AM

University of Washington Students Bemoan Choices for President, Contemplate Not Voting

The State Democratic Party Vows to Keep Trying to Engage Younger Voters

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Elections 2024 Mar 14 8:07 AM

Shaun Scott Is Running for the State House

So Long, Chopp. Hello, Scott!

Elections 2024 Mar 12 9:01 AM

Last Day to Vote!!!!

Vote for Uncommitted Delegates by 8 PM Today

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