Yeah, so hey, I was just wondering: What do you have against fairness? What do you have against men? I realize that girls are allowed to run things now, and vote, and all that good stuff, but it feels pretty personal to me, as a guy, that you refuse to elevate the men in your community, just because snowflake libtard hummus-munchers at the co-op have a chip on their shoulder. Earth to The Stranger: Men have made some pretty excellent contributions to society. Are you familiar with tools? That was us. And building a fire? Totally us. And hunting? Definitely a men's thing... unless you mean hunting for designer clothes, because that's totally a female thing! I'm good with an issue called Women in Power as long as you're going to follow it up with a Men in Power issue. As I list more extensively on my Reddit page, there are a lot of guys in America you could write great articles about—like really fucking good articles—including Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Harry S. Truman, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and of course, me, Kevin Gavin O'Malley, Firestone Tires regional manager for the greater Sammamish area (not tooting my own horn here, just being real!). Truth hurts. Do better.