I can't agree with you that horse meat tastes good, until I can actually taste it (some day).


Objectively, horse meat should taste a lot like cow meat, right? Because they are herbivores?


Filly mignon?



It tastes a little bit like venison, but more lean and tender.


You've probably all tasted it. Since it's much cheaper, and tastier than beef, it's sometimes used knowingly or "unknowingly" as a substitute.

A couple years ago it was discovered that the "beef" in a budget frozen lasagne sold at popular supermarkets in the UK turned out to be horse. Investigators uncovered fraudulent customs paperwork and labeling from South America, where inexpensive (but tasty!) horse flesh is pawned off as beef for export.

This spread horror and panic in the UK, and then some mild concern about standards and enforcement on the continent.

The famed Piet de Leeuw steakhouse in Amsterdam had a reputation for the best-tasting beefsteaks (their slogan was "The secret is… the meat!", which turned out to be true). They were outed not long after the UK's Lasagnagate for selling horse steaks as beef. Their business took a hit for a moment, but now they clearly indicate the horse steak on the menu. Those steaks were so tender and delicious, the only complaint was the dishonesty.

My guess is we've all eaten plenty of horsemeat. Probably a few cats as well.

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