Cops Sep 16, 2022 at 10:57 am

Mayor to Choose Between a Reformer and Two SPD Veterans

(L-R) SPD Interim Chief Adrian Diaz, SPD Assistant Chief Eric Greening, and Tucson Assistant Police Chief Kevin Hall. CROUTON



The candidate applying to be the chief of the dept is not a police abolitionist? Wow, what a shock! I did get a chuckle out of the "peaceful" protests description. I would guess the families of those killed in the CHOP, the business owners who had their stores vandalized and destroyed not to mention the officers who the "peaceful" protestors tried to burn alive might disagree.

If you repeat a lie often enough and big enough it eventually becomes the truth....


Keep your pants on.


&1 Yep, those peaceful protesters sure as heck did a great job of looking and acting like rioters.


I agree that Hall seems the best choice. SPD does seem overly entrenched having a new perspective at the top would make sense.


The only problem is if they expect the local media to just regurgitate police statements, or deal with reality.

Remember, after action analysis correctly confirmed that the instigators were literally mostly white kids who don't live in Seattle, not local youths.


“ the instigators were literally mostly white kids who don't live in Seattle, not local youths.”

I don’t think anyone ever doubted that. But it’s nit relevant. The truth is the typical LARPing anarchists who have plagued every May Day Parade with their attempts to recreate the WTO riots every damn year took advantage of the protests in Seattle and Portland from the first day.

The riots had jackshit to do with racial justice or BLM. They were anti-establishment, anti-Capitalist at the core.

They probably set back efforts to combat racism in law enforcement by decades.

The problem is local media, including this rag, falsely equated the riots with BLM, and not the anarchists twerps.


Hmm. Of course Will Casey wants the white abolitionist for police chief…


Another irony is that Seattle did have many peaceful BLM protests, but the Stranger never mentions them. In West Seattle, we had them daily at the Alaska Junction for awhile, and we had two large ones, shutting down California Avenue for almost the entire length each time, with a large rally at the Junction afterwards. SPD provided escort both times.

SPD habitually attacks protesters at protests downtown, in Belltown, and in the Pike/Pine corridor. It does not matter if the protesters are peaceful; they get attacked anyway. SPD has done this repeatedly since WTO, and to the best of my knowledge, no oversight agency or the City Council has ever tried to discover why SPD behaves this way.


@9: Can you please provide a link or further explanation to support your assertion that SPD habitually attacks protesters downtown?


You are going to waiting a long time for their to be such a thing as an abolitionist police chief. Just a couple seconds past the end of time.


@10: No, because I lived it. I was at WTO when some elements in the SPD attacked some of us marchers; I escaped only by good luck. I lived in either Pike-Pine or Belltown for almost a quarter-century, and the pattern held throughout that entire time. Experiencing BLM at the West Seattle Junction felt like I’d moved to another country.

(Thanks for the ironic chuckle, though; after you have spent literally thousands of comments stating your opinions as facts, you’ve suddenly discovered the need for actual facts. Baby steps.)


@12 So you’re one of the LARPers who think breaking windows is “peaceful” protest?

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