Dance Sep 27, 2022 at 2:08 pm

The Company Didn't Look a Day Over 25

Principals Lucien Postlewaite and Lesley Rausch held down the back half of Kent Stowell's Carmina Burana, which features an epic score and a one-ton golden wheel of fate from late Scenic Designer Ming Cho Lee. Angela Sterling



Thank you for a great review of a wonderful performance!


Great review!
Lyrics with Carmina Burana would help. The music and ballet are stunning!


When the cheapest seats are $96 + $25 service fee it discourages and prevents most people from seeing this ballet. I would have loved to go but the ticket prices are insane, especially for someone on a fixed income.


Per McCaw Hall website, 2nd tier seats (they are tiny) are $37 to $60 each. But I hear you - I logged onto “carmina burana -Seattle’ and of course, waded through a half-dozen secondary sellers, and wound up paying much more than face value.


@3 and @4
It's really a shame when people don't buy directly from the presenting organization and pay ridiculously jacked-up prices to ticket brokers/scalpers. As noted, tickets on PNB's website start at $37, plus if you go to the "Offers" page on their site, there are $29 tickets for "Beer and Ballet" night, plus pay-what-you-can and rush ticket offers.


@3 and @4
I guess I should have included that link for reference (although it's pretty easy to find from the PNB home page):

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