Elections 2022 Jul 19, 2022 at 9:30 am

Core Message from Republicans Called a “Blatant Lie”

WA Senate Republicans are banking on mountains of campaign cash to hide the lies in their ads. z_wei | Getty



Great breakdown. The devil is always in the details.


The GOP complaining about violent felons - oh the irony!


"How can you tell when a Republican is lying? Their mouth is open, their lips are moving and sounds are coming out of it! Thank you! I'll be here all weekend! Try the fish and don't forget to tip your waiter!"


Expect a lot more of this because, well, first, they're Republicans, and Republicans are horrible people. (Thanks again to our very own Dear Divine Mrs. Vel-DuRay for that wisdom.)

Second, said horrible people just spent decades getting Roe overturned. While wildly popular with the gaggle of lying adulterers, boy-chasers, and closeted self-loathing LGBTQ+ persons who make up their aptly-named base, overturn of Roe is very unpopular with voters nationwide, and especially in Washington State, where voters codified Roe into law 'way back in 1991. If Washington State Republicans have any sense at all (and I'm neither saying nor implying they do) then they will run screaming, like the miserable cowards they all are, from their responsibility in getting Roe overturned. Hence, more attack ads like these will soon arrive.


Rather low-tech ads. The low information morons might be moved by these. Are there enough of them to work to the GOP's advantage?


Back in the 70s there was an OPEC generated gas shortage. Cars lined up for blocks, odd/even sales days,etc. At least we tried to contain the damage.
Now everyone just bows down to these multinational corporate thugs without a whimper. Whatever happened to windfall taxes??? Oh. Yeah. Manchin.

By god there was even a PRICE FREEZE! Why isn’t anyone talking about one now? Of course my crooked boss back then, pharmacist Sam Eastern (still in biz @ Bellevue Mall) had me changing prices anyway: smudging off the old grease pencil price and writing a new one. Pre-barcodes…


not even

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