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Dem and GOP PACs Join Forces to Unseat WA Lawmaker Leading on Climate

A 100% lifetime voting record from the Washington State Labor Council didn't protect Rep. Alex Ramel from a union-sponsored primary challenge. CROUTON / WA LEG / CAMPAIGN PHOTO



Enough with the hyperbole - it’s hot out, but we are not “in the middle of a record-breaking heatwave.”


Centrists are the worst. At least the Nazis stand for something


I hope Ramel wins, this strategy of picking off a more liberal dem and replacing them with a moderate dem (by conservatives) is evil, and I'd hate to see it succeed. I want a story on the US Rep Kim Schrier vs Random Republican in the race for US House of Reps. Probably Reagan Dunn will be the person who runs against her in the fall. That's a race with potential world beating impact. If the dems lose the us house (and they are very likely to do it, but more than a couple seats) we'll see years of bs investigations of hunter biden's drug dealers, and no doubt 10 more bengazi investigations.


Speaking of Captions
how do we figure out
which one's which?

the smoothe political-looking type
or the dude I'd fire one up with
I guess it must be Obvious?

but if Unions seek Corporate approval
and are okay with Un-regulating
Capitalism they're Selling Out
for Planetary Disaster for
ALL of their Progeny.

short-Term "thinking"
is what got us here
& it will NOT get
us the Fuck Out

we're Fucking
with Mother Nature
and she Bats Last. warm enough for ya?

the Jet Stream
is Losing its Bearings
and the Profiteers will have
soon Lost their precious Markets

is this the Climate they've
Engineered for us? who knew a
'republican' Utopia was actually Dystopia?

well played


okay it
IS obvious.


This article states that Alex Ramel has solid support from unions but just last week the Washington State Labor Council held a meeting to discuss rescinding their endorsement of Alex because of his anti-union comments and attack ads targeting his labor leader opponent, Trevor Smith.
I have known Trevor and Alex both for several years and have done work alongside them in various political capacities. Their actual positions on environmental issues are not all that different. They are both Democrats and neither are terrible people. The main difference, however, is Trevor supports a “just transition” for workers in the industries we’d like to move away from whereas Alex has let down the workers he talks about supporting. Alex talks a lot about a “just transition” for workers so why didn’t Alex fund the “just transition” language in the governor’s supplemental operating budget? And why did Governor Inslee veto that language?
PDC shows all contributions that went into Citizens For Legislative Accountability. It is almost all union donations. I would challenge the writer of this piece to name at just one gas or oil company that contributed to that subsidiary PAC.

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