Free pizza for all? Rep. Kim Schrier is looking okay, but she will need to pull out all the stops to keep her central Washington Congressional seat away from a Republican. Campaign



LOL at Culp and the MAGAts in the 3rd.


Any thoughts as to why Gallardo's showing was so much lower than predicted, SECB? Were there perhaps any key endorsements given to Sarah Smith that were held from Stephanie Gallardo? I'm never getting over your decision to endorse Adam Smith in this primary. Now instead of getting to see the discourse between an establishment Dem and fresh, exciting socialist play out, we'll have the joy of hearing good ole Republican Doug Basler go on about being tough on crime and "illegal immigrants" for a couple of months before locking in Smith for another couple of years of the miserable status quo.


@3 Seriously. Adam Smith is a fuckwit who needed to be ousted.

Alternatively, these jungle primaries suck and need to be replaced with ranked choice party voting or something.


“We will continue to fight relentlessly for the needs of those that the corporate-dominated status quo is failing, including the right to health care, housing, and a livable planet for the future,”
--Progressive Jason Call.

why on Earth would
Anyone think those
Issues matter?

in another decade
under RWNJ rule
those Left Out'll
actually be
the Norm

& we're ALL gonna be
Rugged Individualists
priced right Outta
Health Hearth
and Home


I do though wish Patty would be less pouty and more smiley.


Raindrop, if you spent most of your days working back in the Magic Kingdom, you wouldn't be smiling too much, either.


@3 Occams Razor. Maybe the reason she got no worthwhile endorsements or votes was that she was just a bad candidate? The minute she "both sided" Ukraine she pretty much disqualified herself from office except where the left is so extreme on the continuum that they meet up with the far Right. We call that the "Greenwald Zone".


@7: Gosh, then how did Obama ever get elected?


It's all about Eastern WA, but this McMorris-Rodgers, non-, no-way, anything-but- CMR Dem is finding the race in the 5th very interesting. A great candidate in Natasha Hill, and this is the year to take this Trump lackey down. #flipthefifth


@3: If you want to have a Socialist on the general election ballot, then stop threatening the Stranger with your whining, and get working. Organize and build until the Socialists have a party or movement which can reliably support candidates before and after they are elected. Writing nasty-grams about Democrats, and demanding voters support unelectable fringe candidates, only empowers Republicans.

Here's a couple of other possible reasons Gallardo spent more money for a worse outcome (than did the last fringe lefty candidate who challenged Smith in the primary). One, the 9th District extends into Seattle, whose citizens have spent most of the last decade suffering from the effects of far-left policies. Two, as noted above, the practice of unelectable fringe lefty candidates helping Republicans is what cost American women their reproductive freedom. No one still believes that voting for someone other than the Democrat is harmless.

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