Elections 2022 Aug 5, 2022 at 5:47 pm

Trumpian Joe Kent Closes In on Herrera Beutler, Gallardo Bows Out

I thought she was safe, but I thought wrong. US Congress



Joe Kent is a grade A psycho.


"He now only trails her by 257 votes. With 30,000 votes left to count in Clark County, which leans kiiiiinda blue,"

That is pretty optimistic. If Joe Kent makes the general, he will win, and that will be bad news.


Jesus fucking CHRIST! RepubliKKKan neofascists and the MAGA dumbfucks who keep voting for them need to be fully castrated, sterilized, and disinfected.


Here's our boy: Born in Sweet Home, raised in Portland, went to war, got fucked up mentally, his wife died in one of the wars (I can't remember which one, and I don't care), came back home, Portland had been ruined by liberals, so he moved to Hooverville to be angry and get all the other morons angry.

We're likely to have our own Marjorie Taylor Greene.



Read that Joe Kent link. Sad that someone who was raised with a solid foundation found such a horrible outlet for his grievances (some of which actually appear legitimate).


We all have our grievances, jzerep11 dear, but "Conservatives" let themselves get consumed by them. Their first rule is ALWAYS be a victim.


I’m glad Stephanie Gallardo didn’t get selected in the primary. it was her downfall embracing Sawants’ endorsement and lost the trust of the democrats. In past elections she seemed like a sore loser after reading her official statement.

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