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Judge Eisenberg's Alleged Use of a "Trial Tax" Draws Criticism Amid Reelection Campaign

Defense attorneys argue this judge's alleged use of a "trial tax" shows unacceptable bias in favor of prosecutors. Courtesy of the Campaign



Well that does it for me - Eisenberg has my vote for sure.


"Disclosing intimate images is a gross misdemeanor in Washington state, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine." *
I just had to check and 180 days is only half the maximum sentence allowed for this crime. Two weeks for what amounts to a virtual rape seems a little light.



Always good to have information on whom to vote out of office.


Wow, let me get this straight, Will is coming down in defense of some creep who disclosed someone's naked photos without consent.

I think most sane members of the community will agree that "180 days in jail for the misdemeanor crime of disclosing someone's naked photos without consent" is an incredibly lenient sentence.

Will might have just beaten out Hannah's defense of the guy who sells stolen goods for most idiotic statement about crime by a Stranger staff writer.


“…victims can submit an impact statement or address the court in person during sentencing even when defendants agree to a plea deal.”

Those are not the same things as giving evidence in court, and as an attorney himself, Will should both know this and explain the difference to readers. He should not allow his very biased source to mislead readers.

@4: Next up: the Stranger brings us the outrageous story of a homeless criminal who was sentenced to an entire day in jail, merely for stealing food from a hungry child. ABOLITION NOW!


Can’t wait for the now-seemingly inevitable Slog post: “actually, what Trump said in the Access Hollywood tape was good and you should go ahead and do it.”


Nice piece of campaign propaganda posing as journalism.


As usual for these articles, the Stranger does not provide sufficient information for readers to make independent decisions, but we can see the outline of what happened: although every other defendant facing this charge had plea-bargained, this defendant had chosen a trial, presumably knowing this would require the victim to relive in court the exposure and humiliation the defendant had already non-consensually inflicted upon the victim. If the judge decided the defendant had chosen a trial specifically to so punish the victim for pressing charges, that alone would justify a harsher sentence — whether there is a rule against it or not. Such abuse of our courts to punish a victim should always itself be punished.


Voting for Eisenberg. Can't believe Will is defending revenge porn guy.


@9 from the look of his masthead photo I can believe that Will would defend a revenge porn creeper.


The Stranger does unreliable reporting once again and Will Casey shows himself to be very biased or very bad journalist. For those curious on what a trial tax actually is and the context of this case of an adult who used revenge porn to maintain an abusive relationship with a teenager: "During their relationship, according to multiple affidavits, the man was frequently violent toward the victim, slapping, hitting, and shoving her frequently and once hitting her hard enough to give her a “bruised” eye and a busted lip..." from: https://twitter.com/ericacbarnett/status/1574078216494788608

But hey the clicks and posturing for your preferred candidate make it worth it I'm sure!


Oh my this not exactly in line with the progressive pro-female platform I would have assumed of TS. I would have probably voted for the opponent without thinking much of it but clearly this one deserves some more research.


More lenient sentencing is the benefit of the plea bargain and incentivizes speedy resolution. If you role the dice and take the case to trial, you lose that benefit, you don't suffer a punishment.

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