Elections 2022 Nov 4, 2022 at 12:58 pm

Look at All These Election-Deniers on the Ballot

Let's not make this a tradition. Anthony Keo



In stead of casting general aspersions Nguyen could have just said Gretchen Whitmer.


@1: Good catch.


Lmao "threat to democracy". It's like every leftoid news outlet comes together to shill the same vapid and devoid phrase in the last week before an onslaught as if it means something to anyone who is on the "fence". It is also like that team going into halftime losing 86-0 and needs some sort of half-ass speech to try and get the people going....


@4 put down the bottle.


@3: TarZany? Is that you under a new screen name? Who among your demons is chasing you now? Are you wanted in another state?

@4: Frank Blethen's vodka distiller for the WIN!

If you haven't already folks, VOTE, dammit, and vote Democrat no matter WHAT. There is no alternative.


@3: Lmao "threat to democracy".

It's not funny. The threat is here and it's real.

Where are my $30 car tabs?

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