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They Don’t Show up in Odd Years

Blue represents precincts with more than 60% turnout, orange represents 40-60% turnout, and yellow represents 20-40% turnout. Anthony Keo | Upper Left Strategies



calling an abolitionist as a progressive is an oxymoron…. NTK would have been destructive to our city, and glad most of the voters recognized this.


Not sure the maps show anything.

Probably has more to do with who is running and where.

For example, my precinct is just related to who was actually on the ballot.

If you want us to vote, get people that represent who we are, not some mythical stereotype.


My takeaway is if TS had supported Pete Holmes he would be City Atty right now but they got cute and blew it. It’s a complete joke to compare NTK to Manion. No amount of turnout would change that result.


“… the results really are not great for progressive candidates aiming to challenge incumbents on the Seattle City Council next year.”

‘ “I’d be really worried if I were a progressive in District 1 right now, based on these results,” Fertakis said.’

Further evidence of the Stranger’s favorite candidates, especially CM Herbold, facing catastrophic internal polling numbers. If they get progressive challengers, go really looney-left in an attempt to fight those challengers, and lose their primaries, it’s NTK taking out Holmes all over again — but with the Council at stake. Hence these finger-wagging warnings against anyone too scarily progressive running for office.


Some of that map covers nearly entirely unpopulated areas, and as such, it's misleading.
Inaction is also an action. Not voting is a choice. They are sending you a message. Listen to the message.


What this article doesn't say is what @3 identifies: NTK lost because her positions were toxically unpopular with the electorate. Manion didn't adopt similar stances, so she performed far better than NTK. Why doesn't the article say that? Because NTK's positions are The Stranger's positions. And there can never, ever be any admission that The Stranger's policy preferences are out of touch with the electorate.

Just look at previous Slog posts on the prosecutor's race. Here's one, titled "Progressive Lane Wide Open in King County Prosecutor's Race":


It laments the fact that Stephen Thomas -- whose positions were closer to NTK (and therefore The Stranger) than other candidates -- dropped out of the race, saying "along with him went the hope of electing a candidate promising to use the prosecutor’s office to overhaul the criminal punishment system." The article goes on to beg someone to get into the race as a true progressive. In other words, Manion isn't a true progressive. Manion doesn't believe what we believe. Manion is different than NTK. But does The Stranger say that now? Of course not.

Who wrote that Slog post? Will Casey. Who wrote this post? Will Casey. Fox News would be proud.


"If people don't want to come out to the ball park, nobody's gonna stop 'em."

When I was young, living from paycheck to paycheck in order to pay rent, I still managed to vote in every election.

My first election was in 1978, and I walked into the gymnasium of my old elementary school to go into the voting booth and pull that big ole lever.

And I've somehow managed to vote in every single goddamn election in the last 44 years.

Through multiple moves across this country.

When I had a shitty job and when I've had great jobs.

When I was a college student, a grad student.

As a renter and as an owner.

Every single time I moved one of the first things I would do was stop by the county clerk to register to vote, it's on the same list of things like filing a change of address at the PO, signing up for a new phone/utilities. It's just what you do.

Voting is simply what responsible adults do.

And until the mid '90s early aughts, in order to vote that meant hauling my ass to the polling place on a Tuesday.

Hell it's 2022. The goddamn ballot is mailed to your home a month in advance. If a person doesn't want to vote ain't no one going to stop 'em.

Maybe Will and the Seattle progressives are learning the lesson that George McGovern learned in 1972, and Bernie Sanders learned in 2016 and again in 2020. Basing you campaign on attracting infrequent voters is a losing proposition.


It worries me what will be snuck through if we simply cede odd-year elections. Additionally, the fact that this piece doesn't even mention King County Charter Amendment 1, seems egregious.


An argument like “but this rigs the system in our favor” is legit in 2022.


Maybe they could vote using Tiktok.


Is it turnout or fatigue with "progressive" incompetence and fecklessness? The next time progressives are smart about politics will be the first time. So far, they've been excelling in preaching to the converted, mutual headnodding, insufferable self-congratulation and turning people off. Votes are the key to real progress.


Looking at that map more closely I really don't think it shows what Will thinks it does. Sure District 5 had more areas with 60% plus turnout in 2022 but so did D2, D3 and the university area which all lean heavy progressive. It also looks like Fremont had more turnout and as we have learned recently that is a marginalized community so they must be progressive leaners as well. The glaring gap here is West Seattle. Turnout really dropped there but if Will honestly thinks West Seattle would vote for an NTK/Nikkita Oliver type candidate he needs to put down the bong. If anything the vote would have been even more lopsided toward the Harrell/Davidson/Nelson slate.


Could it be that fewer people in Seattle are progressive after seeing the "shit show" which results from the socialist and progressive agenda?


Or maybe don’t run batshit crazy candidates. Is it time TS faced up to the fact that most people think we do need a criminal Justice system?

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