Enviro Jan 30, 2023 at 9:00 am

Eagles! Cormorants! Fish! And New Parks!

Hop in this Port of Seattle boat and follow me down the Duwamish! Matt Baume



Long live John Beale.


And more so, Long live John Beal.


If only Beale had known anything about ecology. Heart was in the right place but he didn't really know what he was doing and made some bad mistakes along the way that took lots of work and money to undo.


This is a good piece of journalism


it's one Hellova
piece of Work:

bringing back a River

Mother Nature's
gotta be pretty


Thank you, Matt, and everyone making a difference to restore the Duwamish River.
This is wonderful and very encouraging news.

@5 kristofarian: Amen.


@3 enlighten me. His legacy is promoting the current org mentioned in the article. In the end his creek was destroyed by the fire training center but I never heard of any costly mistakes he made. Yes he could be an angry prick but please share the harm he caused to the clean up of the duwamish.

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