The Stranger's 2019 Sex Survey Results

Banging billionaires, sex in public parks, and the hottest 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

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The Party Starter of Seattle

Nightlife impresario Kevin Kauer, aka Nark, celebrates 10 years of crazy and queer debauchery.

Seattle's Beer Industry Is Sexist

What it's like being a woman in the beer world.

Seattle Is One of the Most Difficult and Least Lucrative Cities to Be a Stripper

The statewide ban on alcohol sales in strip clubs needs to change, exotic dancers say.

I Went to Three Rooftop Bars in One Night and Didn't Throw Up

A perspective on bars with perspective in downtown Seattle.

Does Seattle Need a Night Mayor?

Actually, we kind of already have one. Meet Scott Plusquellec.

No Collusion, Just Russian-American Fusion... in a Lake City Cocktail Lounge

I know what you're thinking: A cocktail bar in Lake City? But Korochka Tavern is aces.

In Defense of Karaoke

To sing karaoke is to embrace the moment your love of song transcends your love of self.

No Joke, Here Are Five Great Places to See Comedy in Seattle

These Seattle spots deliver the most bang for your yucks.

These Are the Freaks That Come Out at Night

Seattle's other party animals: raccoons, opossums, and coyotes.

A Seattle Nightlife Legend Lives on Through the Alex Calderwood Fund

The legacy of the cofounder of ARO.space, Rudy's Barbershop, and Ace Hotel will be to support young artists and entrepreneurs.

Seattle's Secret Beaches

All of these beaches and parks belong to you—use them!

Party in the Middle of Lake Union

The Duck Dodge sailboat race happens every Tuesday during summer, and it's wilder than you'd expect.

Can This Naked Guy Change State Law?

Nudity is strictly prohibited in state parks. Andrew Sambrook wants to change that.

Summer Is the Perfect Time to Ride in a Seaplane

They're a splurge, but they offer the best bird's-eye views of Seattle and a fast way to get to Canada or the San Juan Islands.

I Skied Naked Down Mount Rainier

I hadn't planned to strip off my clothes, but it was a sweltering summer day.

Going Hiking in the Mountains? You Don't Need to Take Your Car

The Trailhead Direct service is now bigger and more connected than ever.

In The Farewell, Not Knowing Is the Best Medicine

A Sapphic Threesome

In her new film, Good Kisser, Seattle-based filmmaker Wendy Jo Carlton uses a sexual encounter to explore the dynamics between three women.

How to SIFF: Your Guide to the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival

It's the largest film festival in the country. Which can be intimidating.
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