If you feel like you're living in a nightmare, you are not alone. The president is a lying, cheating, racist dirtbag. The immigration policies pursued by his administration are purposefully cruel. And the planet is warming more quickly than scientists predicted.

In this special issue of The Stranger, we take a look at some of the people and organizations fighting to right these and other wrongs—including racist drug policy, violence against women, and the prospect of more wildfire smoke choking Seattle again this summer.

We begin with our presidential endorsement for the March 10 primary election. Your ballot has already arrived by mail. The Stranger Election Control Board conducted its secret deliberations powered by Cascade Ice caffeinated seltzer, and our pick for the best candidate to take on Donald Trump is here.

Who is fighting back against Trump's cruel immigration policies locally? Gregory Scruggs introduces you to a few important people here.

The Ballard company Nori, founded by a libertarian who used to be a climate-change skeptic, is now working to remove carbon from the atmosphere. How do they do it, and what brought about the founder's change of heart on climate change? The answers, involving a life-changing dose of magic mushrooms, are here.

Washington State was one of the first to recognize that drug policy was racist and needed to change—but that fight is not over yet. Lester Black writes about the latest move by the state to repair the racist war on drugs here.

Feminist Karate Union trains women of all ages in self-defense. The kickboxing gym 30 Minute Hit also offers self-defense exercises and strength training. Dave Segal writes about both places here.

And if you are worried about wildfire smoke choking Seattle again this year, well, there's no way you are as worried about it as Hilary Franz, Washington's commissioner of public lands, who is fighting wildfires, the insurance industry, and the status quo across our state. Rich Smith profiles her here.