Film/TV Aug 1, 2022 at 5:28 pm

On Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols Inhabited a Hopeful Future. It Has Not Come to Pass

Nichelle Nichols at the Nichelle Nichols Finale Celebration in 2021. Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images



"...the world that gave us Star Trek is looking more and more progressive than the one we are currently in,..."

Jesus Christ on a crutch, Mudede. 1966? Two years before King was assassinated? Two years before George Wallace ran for President? The world that gave us Star Trek was very different than what you imagine. There were good people then. There are more good people now. In the year of our Lord 2022, there is a conservative black man running for Senator in the state of Georgia. As of 8/1, some other black guy leads him by 3 points in the polls. C'mon, man. By any conceivable measure, America is a far better place than it was in 1966.


Rest in peace, Nichelle Nichols. Thank you for being such a classy forward-thinking lady.


No, there's plenty of exploring brave new worlds in 2022.
But instead of USA and USSR co-operating in space, it's self-absorbed billionaires blasting beyond the stratosphere, to prove their wealth goes where no wealth has gone before!

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