“This is a really unhappy city, isn’t it?” John Johnson/HBO



Not that I'm only happy watching "Singing in the Rain" or "Harry Potter and the Overly-Scored Bucket of Shit," but "Westworld" - in this iteration - makes me want to slit my wrists.


Put down the bong, Chuck.


Why is urbanism one of season four’s villains?

Social media such as Reddit has the answers here. Read the Seattle sub-reddit for a while and you will come across numerous posts that read "I've been here three years and I have no friends" or "how does anyone make friends around here". People are disconnected in urban environments. No real community, just a thick forest of one-bedroom apartments full of lonely people.


Love to see how humans will deal with no oil.


Hmm ... as someone who's actually lived in rather "urbanist" cities (e.g., Stockholm), which didn't seem particularly unhappy, I find all this bizarre - another neurosis peculiarly prevalent in the USA, perhaps.


It's cool that you and Matt live in a literal fantasy world where the entirety of the world's population live in massive sci-fi cities where nobody needs a personal vehicle, but the rest of us live in the real world where we don't want to spend half the fucking day riding the bus just to go to the grocery for food for our family. Maybe in 40 years we'll have driverless, pollution less cabs...maybe until then you stop trying to make people feel guilty for living where you don't want them to.

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