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It's Also about the Real Tragedy of Marxism

"Ain't but two things on my mind / Driva'man [and] quittin' time..." Disney +



It's called Star Wars. If you want to understand its theory of history, read the title again.


This show sure is the deepest dive yet into the deep state that George Lucas envisioned as the Empire. We knew there were entire armies of bureaucrats sequestered in secure facilities trying to figure out the best way to stamp out lower class hope but to see it played out in such a beautiful way is just amazing. I like all the new Star Wars shows, btw, to me they're all fantastic and entertaining.


“Until that point, future technology…”

Star Wars is not science fiction, nor does it take place in the future. It’s epic fantasy (you can tell by the swordplay), set (all together, now) a long, long time ago.


Though in 1977 it was simply called Star Wars, it was always named Star Wars: Episode IV--A New Hope. It says so right from day one causing many years of no-Internet speculation as to what that could possibly mean. So it is not " now called" that. It's always been that. :)


Also, by the by, I personally maintained that what were the "Clone Wars" were actually the "Cologne Wars". Proof of this was Luke's father (as he was initially mysteriously introduced to the audience as -- not yet
known as Anakin or Darth Vader) was a navigator on a spice freighter. Spices and cologne, see. "Spice" of course referred to an illicit drug mined at Kessel. The "Kessel Run" of course famously known for Han Solo's swashbuckling speed at completing it in "12 parsecs". Thus Han was a very proficient illegal drug smuggler -- which was totally lost or unknown on everyone going off just one movie. (sorry for all the OT)


@4: Can you link me to evidence that "Episode IV – A New Hope" was in the crawl prior to the '81 re-release? Thanks.


@6 Not anymore! Yes, it was added for the 1981 re-release. I was too young for the '77 release to remember anyway. So from '81 on and thanks for pointing that out for possible future trivia question use.

"In the original May 1977 release of Star Wars, the opening crawl did not feature an Episode number or the subtitle “A New Hope.” Those would be added with the film's April 10, 1981, theatrical re-release."


And damn, that reminds me. I do have Star Wars Trivial Pursuit sitting in storage still. A publishing of which I got well before the first 1999 prequel Phantom Menace.


@3, @4, etc.: You are the reason that normal people can't have a bearable -- let alone interesting -- discussion about Star Wars on the internet.


Its fucking Star Wars, how the fuck are grown ass adults still watching this Disney money grab?


“Normal people talking about Star Wars” is a contradiction in terms.


@9: “Help’ I’m being repressed!”


This show is almost too good to be called Star Wars. It's a story for adults, about the complexity of building a rebellion against a galactic fascist empire. Rogue One was similarly aimed at an older audience than the rest of the franchise, although this series takes it a step further. I've seen reviewers compare aspects of this season with the movie Brazil, or with The Wire (with the recent prison story line). It's the antithesis of The Return of the Jedi, which was of all the movies the one that most pitched itself to younger viewers. And I like that movie too. But it's nice to have a more adult take on the Star Wars universe, just as a contrast.

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