Food & Drink Apr 1, 2015 at 4:00 am

Where High Fidelity Brunch Meets “Super Japanese” Sushi: A Guide to West Seattle’s Best Eateries

Husky Deli makes 32 ice-cream flavors in-house. Kelly O


West Seattle = Best Seattle
In the not-too-distant future, that farmer's market will be on California Ave, just N of the "all way walk" intersection of California and Alaska.…
@1 - Word.

@2 - Nice.
Even for a filler article from a stringer, "Six places to eat food at the Alaska Junction" is testing new lows for SLOG.
Go to Seattle Fish on California Ave.
A few years after I moved to Seattle, over thirty years ago, a friend from my dorm at the U of Oregon moved to Seattle from Tonga, where he had been in the Peace Corps. Another Peace Corps volunteer he had met there lived in West Seattle so my friend moved in with him. On my first visit to see them, they took me to the Husky Deli and I had the Husky Flake ice cream. Still my favorite ice cream in Seattle.

Too bad they couldn't talk about any restaurants outside of this 3 block area of sprawling West Seattle. There are many other, fantastic restaurants to enjoy in other parts of the peninsula. Like Blackboard Bistro, Locol and La Rustica.
Good thing they didn't write about the places that all us West Seattlites actually frequent. Please don't come here. It's already too crowded. Thank you.
Rachel! This post or article or whatever... sucks. No Bakery Nouveau? That omission alone proves you have zero authority to write this. And, Husky Deli may make fresh ice cream (GREEN ice cream? -WTF?), but there's better, purer ice cream in West Seattle.

BTW, is it so hard to hit "OPTION 'E' " before typing "e" to get the damned accent on "café"?! Why are you hipsters so lazy?! C'mon Rachel.

Next time, maybe spend a week actually eating around West Seattle before writing your article. It might even end up being anything more than the drivel you put here. Sorry... fail!
@4 Well said.
i go to W seattle about never - usually for work if ever. all these places sound great, but do n't worry, you'll get them to yourselves. well, you and the 10,000 new condos going up within walking distance.
Dear Stranger, please get a food writer along with Ms. Garbes - this is dribble. I like Rachel Belle on the radio with those two baffoons but this article is like it was written by a 12 year old. And I echo @9, the original Bakery Nouveau is quite possibly the best pastry in all of Seattle.

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