i, for one, welcome our new condo overlords.
Oh, Stranger. Fucking spare me.
I just read an article about Linda being one of those few that own so many restaurants in Seattle. Oh wait, she wasn't on that have a good food writer Stranger!! Please stop doing free advertising for your pals with articles like this.
"Profiles in Privilege" would be a great name for this series.
Linda, have your beliefs about the minimum wage changed since the world didn't end at $11/hr? Is it still going to end at $15/hr? Is Atlas Shrugged still your favorite book? Any guesses as to what might have gone wrong in the surprise flop 'Shrugged films?
*eye roll*
Aren't there less ingratiating ways the Stranger can drum up advertising dollars?
Lighten up, y'all. Linda started with a vintage clothing store before most of you were born, and built her empire through talent and hard work. She's literally earned her moment in the sun.
Ah yes, the Cool & Good Rich Person to Jonathan Franzen's Morose & Bad Rich Person.
@guywhodidthething I'm sure she has worked hard, but she was also loaned $5000 dollars by her parents to start said clothing store. Her partner at the time also got $5000 from her parents. Does your family have a space $5000 laying around? Mine doesn't...
@Slurs So what?
If you don't have a spare $5,000 to get your kid setup in life, then you're doing it wrong. But I digress...
What was the point of this story, and why did I bother to read it? I was waiting for a point, but it never came. I feel unsatisfied. Annoyed. Slightly irritated.
@9 You know what would've been great? If they'd written about that instead of what was in her fridge.
I dunno. We could send real pics of our refrigerator interior and do a comparison. I suspect most wouldn't be so spare and artistic. It could be quite repellent, yet fascinating. Mine's so jammed pack with containers and sauce/condiment bottles that whatever's in the back is petrified for sure. It could be a commentary on pack rat eating habit or non eating and more drinking. I always thought alcohol makes you fat and cigs, skinny.

I digressed. With #14 and #9 here. A story about how to turn $5,000 of your parent's money into a minor culinary fiefdom would be desirable. Sick of pushing STEM on my progenies who hate math and physics in school and would rather eat or design their way into wealth.
@16 Thanks! I guess nothing new had happened to her since then except that some of her food expired.
I don't actually know why this bothers me so much, but I think it's got something to do with a successful woman being photographed in a kitchen and not being asked a single question about her accomplishments. Maybe that's unfair.
@19, right, because Linda Derschang has never been profiled by the Stranger or numerous other publications for her accomplishments as a restauranteur. Of all the things that could have bothered you about this, you picked the thing that makes the least sense.
all i could think of when reading this was 'whothefuckcares, whothefuckcares, whothefuckcares'.

Me and my weirdo teenage friends used to shop at the Fashion Disaster back in 19, uh, *cough*, but even if we didn't, um, fuck, listen to yourself. Everybody who got rich in business is a paragon of grit and character? I guess you and Derschang have the same favorite author.

It just makes me sick seeing Objectivist Libartardians exploiting the kind markets created by progressive urban values, all the while working to turn the city into something more like Houston. If "business friendly" is what you really want then get the fuck out. Go Galt. Go see how much Houston wants a Linda's (spoiler: not much). Problem is educated, progressive urban oases attract fucking parasites.
This is basically my dream fridge!
I've gotten really drunk at each of her establishments more than I can remember, so I have to recuse myself from w̶i̶s̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶I̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ making fun of her refrigerator. @22 - why so harsh?
What no Twin Peaks "Log Lady" photo or some stuffed deer head killed by a logger in a Red county?
The Benefit Ultimatum: Shift Drink or Healthcare

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