Food & Drink Sep 16, 2022 at 10:06 am

Fuck You

What are you afraid of? Megan Seling



@Megan, are we strictly only talking about classic candy corn flavor? There are so many good reviews out there, so you may have missed these

This is a hilarious satire of the Turkey Dinner candy corn flavors

And Brachs has new surprises in store.


Right on!


This is amazing.


Megan is correct, although stale candy corn is as bad as stale ears of corn, and that chocolate/butterscotch candy corn variant is literally enough to make you throw up.

Word to the wise, enjoy candy corn when it's in season, fresh, and not when it's past it's Munch Me date.


Megan I love your writing! Glad to see more of your articles recently!


Mother Vel-DuRay always had a dish of Candy Corn on the sideboard during the month of October. It was her favorite candy.


This is attempted satire, right? Otherwise, it's really about a liking for industrial sugar infused into wax. With no redeeming aesthetic value. At all.


Candy corn is awesome. This author is awesome.


I love that you use "toothsome" and "tri-color" in the same sentence! How very Napoleonic of you!


The online Jelly Belly store had “giant” candy corn… it was great otherwise I’ll consider it more large candy corn. Rock on with your bad self!

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