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Vito's Is on the Hunt for Stolen Cougar Taxidermy

The cougar, Barbara, lying at the head of the table in the Cougar Room at Vito's. Jason Puccinelli painted the diorama, and Jen Zeyl designed the scenery. Courtesy of Vito's



Yet another example of the rising tide of lawlessness which is griping this city.

The owners will get an incident number -- no case number, no follow up, no arrests will be made, .... if the thieves were apprehended they will be part of the "catch and release" program.... and to top it off less money for police.

Or perhaps, they could use the latest affirmative defense offered up by the "silly counsel"...and say they were hungry and stole to buy food. Oh, no...Not drugs, because we don't have drug problem in this city, only a homeless problem in which better than half the homeless are drug addicts.

Who would be a business owner in this wicked and unrelenting city?


Manolitos dear, calm down. You're distraught.

You wouldn't have lasted a minute here in the 1970's.


Like the trade in elephant tusks, supporting the murdering of threatened wildlife for sport by participating in the aftermarket trade is lame. It's not ironic and cool. Kudos to the tweakers, I hope they shred it.


"Wicked and unrelenting." Sounds like a bible screed. Ugh.

"Barbara!" Great name.


Catalina.... grow up. I've lived here since the 1970's, prospered in a vibrant and wonderful city and can assure you this city never, even in the darkest times of the Boeing layoff was this bad.

Perhaps you suffer from dementia and can't recall how wonderful this city used to be.... before the dark times and the arrival of the cadre of socialist half wits which now occupy the silly counsel. As you can see calling everything inequitable and throwing money at it isn't working.... and news flash ... it never will.

It can't be right that the city has no police to protect the citizens and businesses, half the occupants in the deplorable tent cities are loafing around all day and the other half is selling them drugs.

Maybe that is how Catlina Vel-DohRay rolls... but its not how the rest of us, who pay taxes and expect a livable city roll.

Rockyboy... I'm surprised you even know what wicked and unrelenting means.... or can cast them in a context.... clearly you are product of our current education systems..... 4 syllable present a challenge for you do they


Or perhaps you are suffering from nostalgia and the fear of impending death, and projecting that against the current iteration of Seattle, Manolitos dear.

It's often difficult for old people to adjust to the beckoning of the tomb, but there are medications available. Or perhaps it's time you consider a more structured living environment? Consult a social worker.


Oh Dear Catty-Felinia .... you are out of cage with a plethora of "half witty rejoinders" ....

Perhaps you've settled into what appears to be the way of city workers... cost much and accomplish little... by now you must be a division leader over at the slow coach outfit know as City Light.

If you haven't been living under a rock (the jury is out on that one) .... you'd understand that asking that the laws be upheld and enforced doesn't require a social worker .... it requires police and judges.

But there you go... the progressive answer to everything is ....send in the clowns... I mean social workers.... and look what a hot mess that approach has delivered.


Oh now, Manolitos, don't be bitter if you made poor career choices. And know that if you are having trouble making ends meet, City Light has a variety of programs for people in that situation. Help is just a phone call away, or stop by one of our convenient service centers!

I was suggesting the social worker for you, dear. You obviously have some issues, and they can help get you placed in an environment that will suit you.


Cougar is stolen - cat fight starts on slog.


If they catch these assholes, they should stuff them and display them in the case instead. I’d pay to rent the room all by myself just to see the “sad surprise” in their eyes.

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