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I Made Three of My Friends Try the Best Soup in History. They All Loved It and So Will You.

The thicc khao soi at Djan’s Thai Restaurant in Wallingford only comes in chicken, the classic, and has adjustable chili, lime, and pickle agents. There’s crispy egg noodles on top, soft egg noodles underneath, and half a chickens worth of meat inside. Simon Astor



I think it's overcast, not snowing.

At least at all the places you mentioned, one of which is four blocks from where I live.


I worship Thai food. Our Thai restaurants are one of the reasons I love Seattle. And yet I had not heard of khao soi until now. Wow. Look what I've missed.

Terrific article by Meg van Huygen. Great concept. The colorful photos and enthusiastic prose have inspired me to go out and start making amends for never having tried khao soi.

Dug around a bit and discovered that Thai Ku in Phinney Ridge has it. And it's the first dish depicted in the photos on the Yelp page. Resolving now to make Thai Ku my introduction to khao soi.


Lovely piece. Thank you for sharing.


Big fan of the dish here, too. I used to order it at Soi, whose version was fucking fantastic, but sadly they're no more.


Meg: your mother obviously didn't wash your filthy mouth out with soap quite enough.


Observation about the comment @5, which I see is coming from someone who at last count has posted on this site 72 times. Complaining about profanity in The Stranger after you've been around long enough to comment 72 times is kinda like going to a strip club for months and then, suddenly one night you're there, expressing outrage that people are engaging in lascivious behavior. Maybe this individual is the one who's in the wrong place.


Is Meg a stripper as well? Yikes.


@5 and @7 are obviously not here to talk about food.


Fucking A! That chicken shit looks great!!


@9 You're a potty mouth too?


Meg: you're an excellent writer. I really enjoyed the article, your descriptions, and the "voice" of the article. Looking forward to trying Khao Soi--looks amazing. I'm going to try Djan as well.



@12 did you finally decide to take your meds?

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