We are here to shut you down... Charles Mudede



Shoulda been Meinert.


Seems strange to me that a place that serves a vegan lunch serves alcohol at the same time. Regardless, there's no reason to feel pity for the UW grads as there are plenty of other venues at which one can get intoxicated.


Surprisingly (to Charles) but unsurprisingly (to pretty much everyone else), an establishment which callously exposed both patrons and the larger community to COVID now stands accused of selling alcohol to minors, and then getting rough with these illegal patrons when they (again unsurprisingly) couldn’t handle the responsibility of drinking.

It’s too bad; Flowers by Wire has long been one of the great places in Seattle to drink, as I did from 1992 onwards.

@1: What violation(s) did Meinert’s restaurant(s) commit?


Flowers was a well known place for high school kids to get a drink.


I told my teenager this news. She said, “Good. That place was roofie central.”

Is that how to spell roofie?


Hey, democracy decides local standards. It’s not just some random rules made up by leaders, actual citizens signed off on it (by virtue of their vote). Get on board!

I was pleasantly surprised to read some action bubble up in what I thought was another tangential musing. But, don’t we all read commencement speeches from pre-war times while happy hour-ing?


Yes, what a shame for the poor waifs of the UW underclass who by their illegal behavior are largely responsible for causing the regulators to take action. And what a shame for the business owner who demonstrated during s pandemic that he was as self-absorbed and uncaring for the well-being of others as any Trump cult member.


I spent, collectively, yearrrrrrs at Flower's. Two decades ago it was a great launching pad for servers and bartenders breaking into the trade. After Fadi bounced actual pro servers and kitchen staff (Covid? not interested in paying employee overhead?) and went to strictly fam, it was pretty clear to me, at least, that chips were stacking until it all came crashing down. A similar fate to Richard at Beauty & the Books?


the Establishment my brother
went into for 2 or 3 years
finally asked for his ID
when he asked for
his Birthday Beer

& the Owner
was a little Upset
to see he'd just turned 21.

nice camera
work Chas!


Alcohol is a hell of a drug.


I love how while the LCB/police were in the process of revoking the license we get a ceiling selfie shot of Charles.

If anyone is bored go through the Google reviews for Flowers. Some good ones.


"What happened to America!" he yells at the unmoved group. "This is not the same country I came to. I came here for freedom. Freedom! What happened to freedom? This is not the America that I love."

Nice theatrics, but if he has owned a bar in WA state since 1992, he knows very well that this is the country he came to. Actually, at least in that regard, it's much less uptight that it used to be. But you can't serve booze to minors without expecting to eventually be shut down.


More like, "Sorry, UW undergraduates." Too bad, the owner had just finished re-painting the "Flowers" sign and sprucing up the facade.


Should have said "sorry local high school teens".

Seriously, we all know it's fishy

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