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Here’s a Guide to Help

A new guide from Pro-Choice Washington aims to end stigma and counter disinformation. Scott Olson / GETTY



"As a queer parent and as the spouse of a trans person"

Why the word salad? Just say "I'm a gay woman married to a trans woman" and be clear and concise.

People tune out over such wokespeak babble.


Greetings, Sami, and thank you for keeping up the good fight. Twenty years ago, I was a volunteer at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, and learned a lot about our opposition. I too have some terms we should use if we have to defend abortion rights on the state level again.

"European vacation" - what rich women will call their abortions
"Dilation and Currettage (D&C)" - what middle-class women will call their abortions
"Back-Alley Butchery" - how poor rape victims will die getting abortions
"Lying Adulterers" - leaders of the anti-choice movement
"Abortion on Demand" - What the Lying Adulterers have or buy. All the time.
"Underground Railroad" -- the process for getting poor women from anti-choice states to pro-choice states for their abortions


I struggle to talk with my kids. It’s hard to go from “this is how you were made” to “this is what an abortion is and why it is important medical care” without children seeing it as a literal existential attack on them. I remember feeling this way when I was younger too, it took some years to come around to the nuance and big picture consequences for access to abortions.


The echo chamber is going to be really persuasive to all those who aren't already in the choir.

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